How To Recover Erased Recharge Card Pin?

Many people in Nepal recharge their mobile phones through recharge cards though there are lots of other options to recharge phones like eSewa, Khalti, IME Pay, etc. Sometimes we accidentally erase up our PIN while scratching our Recharge Cards and it becomes quite difficult and confusing to us to understand the PIN code. However, you can Recover the Erased Recharge Card Pin.

But maybe now, it won’t be as much of a bitter experience when it happens, because it is not as difficult as we think to recover our erased pins. Today, we will be discussing how to recover erased PINs for the top 3 Nepali telecom Operators NTC, Ncell, and Smart.

Nepal Telecom has recently introduced the PIN recovery portal. Although you have damaged the majority of the PIN of an NTC recharge card, you can easily recover the PIN with left digits. Follow these steps to cover the Erased Recharge Card Pin.


For NTC Users


Follow these steps to Recover Erased Recharge Card Pin:

1. Open your web browser and Go to the NTC PIN recovery portal.

Click Here to Visit NTC PIN recovery Portal.

How To Recover Erased Recharge Card Pin
Pin recovery portal of Nepal Telecom

2. Select the Service Type from the given choices of GSM/CDMA Prepaid, GSM/CDMA Postpaid, PSTN Postpaid/ ADSL Prepaid.

How To Recover Erased Recharge Card Pin

3. Enter your phone number (that needs to be recharged) & serial number (From your recharge card).

How To Recover Erased Recharge Card Pin

4. Enter the PIN code up to which you can identify. You have to put X on the erased number to complete 16 digits. Here is the format of the 16 digit Pin code, 12458012345XXXXX.

For example, the correct format of the PIN is 12345 67890123450. But, your damaged PIN format is this: 12_ _ _1_ _ _ _ _86_ _ 1. In this case, you simply have to put ‘X’ on the damaged number: 12XXX1XXXXX86XX1.

Step 5: Enter the captcha code as shown below and click on ‘Verify’ and you will be directed to the following page and click on ‘confirm’, and your account will be credited.

Note: A recharge success message will be sent on your device.

How to Recover Erased Recharge Card Pin for Ncell and Smart operator?

Similarly, for other telecom operators like Ncell and Smart you can recover your erased pin by simply calling to their respective Customer Care Centre.

How To Recover damaged Recharge Card Pin

List of Customer care Services:

S.N.Name of OperatorCustomer Care
3.Nepal telecom1414

Recently, Ncell has also started Recharge Card Damage Portal. You can visit the website and fill up the form for your pin recovery.

Click here to visit Ncell recharge Card Recovery Portal

How To Recover damaged Recharge Card Pin

If you have difficulty, Follow the steps in the video below to understand the process of PIN recovery of an erased / damaged recharge card.

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