How to Pin an Instagram Comment?

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How to Pin a Comment on Instagram

Popular social media Instagram has been developing different features every now and then to enhance the user experience. One of those features is pinning comments at the top so that your followers could easily see the particular comment. To learn about how to pin an Instagram comment, read this full article.

Instagram has been a major part of our daily lives in today’s time. Can you even imagine your life without Instagram? Most of us open our Instagram early in the morning before even brushing our teeth. To move ahead with time and trends, you might want to learn more about these digital technologies and new updates. We are here just for that–to help you learn how to use different digital technologies step by step easily.

What are the Advantages of Pinning a Comment on Instagram?

Instagram has been a major blessing to stay connected with our loved ones, share important information, get up-to-date news, buy and sell goods, and so on. However, it has also become a place where people spread hate comments and negativity. Therefore, pinning a comment in Instagram can help you avoid negativity and show some positive remarks to your followers when they come across your post.

It can also help you pin some important details like the continued text of your caption (story, news, events), and mention the details of the items of your business like the size, price, available colours, etc. You could also pin a really funny comment your friend made on your post or maybe your favourite celebrity commented/replied to your post. You can pin 3 comments per post. So, make sure to spread positivity and have fun with your Instagram usage experience.

How to Pin an Instagram comment?

Pinning an Instagram comment is one of the new features of Instagram. This feature will help you with what you want to show to your followers or friends stack at the top with a Thumb stack icon. As you have already read the advantages of pinning an Instagram comment, now we will walk you step by step on how to exactly pin an Instagram comment. Follow the following steps:

1. Tap on your ‘Profile Icon’ on downside left corner of your screen.

How to Pin an Instagram Comment?

2. Find the Instagram Post whose comment you want to pin.

How to Pin an Instagram Comment?

3. Tap the ‘Comment Icon’ and go through the comments.

How to Pin an Instagram Comment?

4. Tap and hold the comments that you want to pin click on the ‘Pin Icon.’

How to Pin an Instagram Comment?

6. Click on the ‘Pin Comment’ option.

How to Pin an Instagram Comment?

7. You will see a ‘Pinned Icon’ on the left side of the comment.

How to Pin an Instagram Comment?

This way, you can easily pin your Instagram comments in some easy steps.


Hence, you can easily pin an Instagram comment following the above steps. The pinned comments will appear at the top when your followers open your comment section. We hope we answered your query. Thank you for reading this article. If you have any questions you can drop them in the comment section. Meanwhile, if you want to find your comments on Instagram in 2022, read this article.

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