How to pay electricity bill by using eSewa? । Step by Step Guide

Every Nepalese citizen is due making electricity bill payment monthly. With the scorching sunshine, fear of penalties and tiring lines it becomes very difficult to make the electricity bill payment, but In this digital era, people need not queue in line for hours to pay the bills of utilities. You can simply pay the bills of utilities like electricity, water supply and more online.

In this post, we will provide the procedure to make the payment of utility bills like Electricity online. You can pay the online bills through a third party payment platforms like eSewa.

eSewa is a online application from where customers can pay, send and receive money from their mobile phone and computer through internet.

For this you should have the bill which consists of S.C. number, which is formatted in numerical form somewhat as 001.02.30 where the middle portion denotes the date of the meter reading. Likewise, there is customer ID which is formatted somewhat as 3245. Simply, with these numbers at hand, you can make payment and as well get rebate (discount) for payment within a week of bill received.

Follow these simple steps to pay electricity bill by using eSewa

Step 1: Open eSewa and login in your account.

Note : If you are new to eSewa then learn how to make account in eSewa ?

Step 2: Tap on the electricity icon to open NEA bill payment portal.

Step 3: After you click on the icon, you shall be directed towards NEA’s designated page. Enter your NEA counter Location and also S.C. No. and Customer ID from your bill.

SC. No is of the format XXX.XX.XXX (middle xx denotes the meter reading date) and the customer ID. is in XXXX form.

Step 4: Details shall be displayed; verify the details and click on confirm, you shall be asked to insert MPIN and payment shall be done.

Step 5: Download the Bill Statement by clicking on the pdf icon for record.

This is all about Electricity Bill payment through eSewa.eSewa notifies that the payment to the Nepal Electricity Authority may take up to 24 hours to realize in the worst case.

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If you have difficulty in paying electricity bill by using eSewa , Click Here.

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