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How to Make Your Likes Private on Twitter in 2023?

In the Twitter app, likes are represented by a small heart. Users can view Tweets and like them if they appreciate or ‘like’ a tweet. Other people can also see the post or tweet that you have liked. This is a very good way of getting to know the taste and likings of new people however some people may want more privacy. In this article, we will look at the ways to make your likes private on Twitter so they will not be visible to other users.

Can You Make Your Likes Private on Twitter?

Currently, Twitter does not provide a feature that lets users hide their likes. So, unfortunately, there is no exact pinpoint way of making your likes private on Twitter. However, there are some ways around this problem which we will be discussing down below which include: Making Your Account Private and Unliking Liked Tweets.

Making Your Twitter Account Private

You can hide your likes and make them private by making your own Twitter account private. But this also has a drawback as you can only hide the likes from non-followers. Your likes will not be hidden from the people that are following and every tweet and like will be visible to them. To make your Twitter account private on your mobile phone, you can follow a few easy steps:

1. Open the Twitter app and go to ‘Settings and privacy‘ and click on it.

How to make your likes Private on Twitter?

2. Click on ‘Privacy and safety‘.

How to make your likes Private on Twitter?

3. Click on the ‘Protect your tweets‘ so that it turns green.

How to make your likes Private on Twitter?

To make your Twitter account private on the desktop version of Twitter you can follow the steps down below:-

Open Twitter on your desktop and click on ‘More‘.

Make your account private

2. Click on ‘Settings and privacy’.

Make your Tweets private

3. Click on ‘Privacy and safety‘ and click on ‘Audience and tagging‘.

Make your tweets and account private

4. Check on the box next to ‘Protect your Tweets‘.

How to Hide your tweets?

5. Click on ‘Protect‘ when the ‘Protect your Tweets?‘ box comes up on the screen.

How to make your tweets private?

Can I change my account to Public again?

You can always change your account from being private to public by changing the settings. You can follow the same steps and at the last step make sure the ‘Protect your Tweets‘ box is unchecked. When this box is unchecked your tweets will be visible to absolutely everyone including the non-followers as well.

Unliking Liked Tweets on Twitter

Another way to make your likes hidden from other people is to unlike all of your liked tweets/posts on Twitter. This method is not suitable as you will have to remove all the likes from post manually and you will be removing your likes and not hiding them. It is also a hassle and time consuming so it is recommended only if you are really desperate. To remove likes on the mobile version of the Twitter app you can follow the simple steps present below:-

1. Open the twitter app and go to your profile.

How to Unlike liked tweets?

2. Click on the likes section and tap on the red heart to unlike

How to Unlike liked tweets?

3. Repeat the steps for all the other like tweets as well.

Wrap Up

Although Twitter does not have a function/feature to make your Likes private, we have some methods to get around this problem. In the article above we discussed some ways by which you can make your likes private on Twitter both from a desktop/pc and a mobile phone. For now, we can only wait and see if Twitter will come up with an update that lets you make your tweets private. If you have any questions regarding the matter discussed, please feel free to leave them down below.

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