How to Make a Thread on Twitter?

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How to Make a Thread on Twitter_

People go on Twitter to talk about different topics and express their own opinion. However, Twitter limits the word to 280 characters per tweet. Make a thread on Twitter if this is not enough and you want to create a storyline or explain things in detail. Twitter provides users with an opportunity to make their story as long as possible with threads.

Twitter is a platform popular for its freedom. Users on Twitter are allowed to talk about a range of issues from politics to entertainment. Though offensive posts are filtered and restricted by twitter people can still play with words and talk about their judgment on a subject. While blogging is the best way to write lengthy-expression, alternatively you can also make a thread on Twitter.

Initially, the word limit on Twitter was 180 characters but as the platform began evolving twitter changed it to 280 characters to meet people’s demands. But this can still be less for the users. In this article, we will demonstrate ways to create a thread on Twitter.

How to Make a Thread on Twitter?

Thread on Twitter can be used for various purposes. Whether you are trying to explain a situation in detail, storytelling, or giving instruction or advice for specific tasks, everything comes in a sequence when you make a thread on Twitter. Additionally, you can also use to resurface an old tweet or highlight a specific tweet.

You can use Twitter for web or Twitter application for this. If you are using the Twitter application make sure you have Twitter installed on your android and IOS device.

The steps to make a thread on Twitter has been shown below:

1. Go to Twitter.

2. ‘Login‘ your account.

How to Make a Thread on Twitter?

3. Click on ‘Tweet‘.

How to Make a Thread on Twitter?

4. Write something and click on ‘+‘ icon.

How to Make a Thread on Twitter?

5. Keep adding tweet with the ‘+‘ icon.

How to Make a Thread on Twitter?

6. Tap ‘Tweet All‘.

How to Make a Thread on Twitter?

You can see the tweet by clicking on ‘Show this thread‘. This way you can make a thread on Twitter.

Tips to make a Twitter Thread Interesting

Users make a thread on Twitter in order to extend the details surrounding a specific subject. However, the longer a tweet is the easier it is for readers to lose interest halfway through. Sometimes, readers cannot even get past the first tweet. This is because you did not put effort into making your tweets stand out.

  • Know your audience. For example: if your audience is people seeking entertainment, lengthy posts with only theoretical mentions will not make them interested. So it is important to know what kind of audience you attract and base your tweets on them.
  • Use pictures, videos, and gifs.
  • Use hashtags to trend your thread.
  • Do not waver. Make sure that your thread makes sense. If you abruptly divert your topic it might not make sense and people may not positively interact with your post.
  • Make the story interesting.
  • Build the suspense.

You can take advantage of these tips for the next time you make a thread on Twitter.

Example of Twitter Thread

Here are a few examples of popular threads on Twitter:

In this particular tweet, user coookwithchris talks about the importance of gut health regarding different aspects. Each tweet on the thread is dedicated to an individual aspect. This helps users grasp details about each point without feeling like everything is jumbled up.

Here, a popular variety show content has been tweeted as a thread. Each tweet in the thread contains different aspects of the show. The user has also used hashtags, mentions, pictures, and quote tweets to emphasize on the tweet. Thus, you can also make a thread on Twitter with reference to these examples.


How many tweets can you add to a thread?

You can add up to 25 tweets in a thread. It is plenty of space for you to describe your take on a subject.

Is Tweetstorm the Same as Twitter Thread?

Tweetstorm means making tweets one after another in a short period of time. While the Twitter thread is used to talk about a specific topic, tweetstorm are individual tweets made in a close time interval that are often not relevant to the same topic. The only time tweetstorm and Twitter thread can be considered the same is if you are adding replies to your original tweet and they are all related.

Wrap Up

If you are looking to be a regular user of Twitter, it is good to know about the different features that Twitter provides. When you make a thread on Twitter you can write for a long time and a thread made after a tweet is already published allows you to add information or correction whenever needed. In this article, we talked about ways to make a thread on Twitter as well as tips on how to build an interesting thread. We hope this was a helpful article. Let us know if you have any queries.

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