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How to Make a Group Chat on TikTok?

TikTok is one of the most popular apps worldwide with more than 700 million active users every month. This entertainment app has been rapidly growing its platform introducing new features continuously for the comfort of its users. One of the features this app provides is the messaging function and not very recently, it also introduced the availability of group chat.

Messaging and coming close to our friends and family is the main reason why most of us use social media. So, the introduction of messaging feature on TikTok might have seemed a dream come true as there was no need to copy links or download the videos and send them to your friends on other social media platforms to watch.

But, this messaging option was not enough. Even when you wanted to share those videos with your friends, you had to send them to them one by one. This is the drawback that is solved by the group chat option on TikTok. With the help of this feature, you can now share the same video with many of your friends at once with a few clicks.

How to make a Group Chat on TikTok?

TikTok provides you with the platform to make group chats that allow you to share videos and messages with many of your friends at once and making one in TikTok is really easy. This will also help all of you know more about each other’s preferences. Not just this, sharing each other’s opinions on any sort of controversial videos or even just communicating becomes so much easier through group chats. There are two ways through which you can make a group chat on TikTok. They are:

1. By using the Share button

2. Directly through Inbox

By using the share button

This method is very easy to start a group chat. When you are scrolling and find a video you want to share, you can share it by creating a group chat directly. To do so:

1. Open TikTok and select the video you want to share.

2. Click on the ‘Share‘ option.

How to make a group chat on TikTok?

3. Select friends you want to send the video to.

How to make a group chat on TikTok?

4. Once you select friends, a ‘Create Group Chat’ will appear. Click on it.

5. Hit ‘Send’.

In this way, you can make a group chat on TikTok by using the share button.

Directly through Inbox

Through this method, you can make a group chat on TikTok by going to your messaging inbox and creating a group and adding members in them. To do so:

1. Open TikTok and go to your inbox.

How to make a group on TikTok?

2. Open the chat box of a friend you want to include in the group.

3. Click on ‘three dots‘ on the right hand side.

How to make a group chat on TikTok?

4. Tap on ‘Create Group Chat’ option.

5. Add more people you want to.

In this way, you can make a group chat on TikTok directly from the Inbox.

Why can’t I make a group chat on TikTok?

There might be cases when you try to but are unable to make a group chat on TikTok. This problem has been seen with people worldwide that they are not able to create a group chat even when following all the steps required. This may be due to the following reasons.

1. There might be server error caused since this feature is not very old and sometimes cannot handle the load that comes with many people creating a group chat at once.

2. One of the main reasons for this option to be unavailable is that one of the members you want to add is underage. According to TikTok, every member must be above the age of 16 to be added to a group. So, you must make sure that all the members you are trying to add to your group is above the age of 16.

3. As this is an experimental function, it is not open to all users and only selected can make groups.


Hence, using the methods mentioned above, you can easily make a group chat on TikTok. Even if you are unable to do so, through the share button, you can select friends you want to send videos to and type a message if you want to and send it. The messages with be sent separately but your work will become easier. Hope that this article was helpful to you and cleared your doubts. Do feel free to leave comments.

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