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How to Make a Discord Channel Read Only?

Discord is an instant messaging app where you can talk through text messages, voice calls, video calls, sending and receiving media and files in private messages or in group settings called “servers”. Servers for Discord is like group chats for Messenger, with the added feature of Channels.

“Channels” is where a topic-based, organized text conversation happens. This is why a Discord channel can get crowded with too many messages. For channels that are created to only distribute information, it needs to be made read-only, otherwise, text messages left afterward will collide with the information.

That is why we are here today to tell you how to make a Discord Channel Read Only. Making a Discord Channel read-only allows important information to be seen and for the channel to stay organized, minus the cluttered messages.

Why do we need a read-only Discord channel?

Because it helps the members in the channel to view and review the content of the channel without overlapping the given information. That is why, usually channels like Rules and Announcements are made read-only, so any newcomer or an oldcomer too could go through the information.

How to Make a Discord Channel Read Only?

To make a Discord channel read-only, you need to be the admin of the server. Or you could be one of the admins if you have multiple admins on the server. Then you can proceed to edit the settings on the app via phone or a desktop.

On Desktop

1. Go to the server and click the gear beside the channel you want to make read-only.

How to Make a Discord Channel Read Only

2. Click Permissions and find TEXT CHANNEL PERMISSIONS to click the red X sign on Send Messages.

How to Make a Discord Channel Read Only

3. Also, click on the green tick mark on “Read Message History”.

Click on Read Message History

4. Click on the green Save Changes dialogue box.

On Phone:

1. Go to the server and click the gear beside the channel you want to make read-only.

2. Click on the three dots besides Rules and click Settings.

How to Make a Discord Channel Read Only on Phone

3. Find Roles under USER MANAGEMENT.

How to Make a Discord Channel Read Only on Phone by going to Roles

4. Go to @everyone and scroll to find TEXT CHANNEL PERMISSIONS.

Go to @everyone

5. Tick off the box next to Send Messages.

Click Send Messages

7. Also, check to see if the “Read Message History” box is ticked on.

The reason why we tick the box of “Read Message History” is to be able to see the important messages in the channel before we were added to the group. This setting needs to be enabled so you can go through the messages of the channel when you weren’t online.

What if I have to add a moderator in the read-only channel?

This is also possible. Having at least one more member who could relay messages can be helpful when the admin is in a time crunch. What needs to be done in such a condition is:

The admin of the server will right-click the Server name and go to Server Settings.

  1. Click Roles and go to Create Role.
  2. Type ‘Moderator’ under ROLE NAME and press Save Changes.
  3. Go to the read-only channel and click Edit Channel.
  4. Go to Permissions and then to Advanced permissions.
  5. Click on the ‘+’ icon and add ‘Moderator’.
  6. Go to Send Messages and press the green tick button.
  7. Click Save Changes.

Now not just the admin, but the moderator will also be able to send messages in the channel.


A discord channel is usually made read-only when the channel is about mentioning rules or announcements. Or, in other cases, it is to only deliver information without anyone else or select a few to send messages.

So, knowing how to make a discord channel read-only helps to build your channel into a briefing area. We hope this article helped you.

Let us know in the comments if what the name of your read-only Discord channels are, and what kind of information is relayed there.

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