How to Lock Facebook Profile?

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how to lock facebook profile

Millions of people are on Facebook today. However, the wrong hands may misuse the information like Facebook ID, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, workplace, date of birth, date of account creation and many more. Therefore, we have come with an article to help you know how to lock Facebook profile.

Especially in today’s world, people don’t want to reveal their secrets due to the chances of misuse of the information. If you are also concerned about your private information on Facebook, this article may be helpful for you. 

To keep such information confidential, you can go through this article to let no one have any access to the information that you want to keep private.

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What happens when you lock your Facebook profile?

  • All the contents on your profile gets hidden.
  • No one can take the screenshots of your profile.
  • Also no one can download your photos.
  • You will be safe from the trolls, memes, and other issues.
  • Your profile will have strong security. 

How to lock the Facebook profile?

Here are those few clicks by which you can lock your Facebook profile.

  1. Open your Facebook account on Facebook Lite app.
  2. Click on Menu (the three horizontal lines) at the top right of the screen.

3. Tap on the ‘Language’ option.

how to change language in facebook

4. Select the seventh language counting from the bottom as shown and scroll up to refresh your profile.

5. Click on the menu (shown in step 2) and then tap on your profile. 

open profile in facebook

6. Refresh by sliding down your fingers on the screen and click on the three dots and tap on the fifth option and then do as shown in the image below.

lock facebook profile

Finally, you locked your Facebook profile.

To change the language (to previous):

You can return to the default language or any other language you want. For this, you can do the following:

  1. Click on Menu.
menu in facebook

2. Tap on the language option.

3. Select the device language or any other language of your choice.

default language in facebook

4. You will find that your screen appears with the desired language.

How to be sure that the Facebook profile is locked?

For the confirmation, follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Facebook app and click on the menu as shown.

2. Click on your profile to open it.

see profile in facebook

3. Tap on the three dots.

  1. You can see the option ‘Unlock Profile’. (It means that you have locked your profile.) Click on ‘View as’ to see how your profile looks when anyone views it.
unlock profile in facebook


In conclusion, this is all about how to lock a Facebook profile and also to check whether the profile has been locked or not. This way, you can lock your Facebook profile. Hope this article benefited you. If you have anything to say, please do comment us below.

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