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English is an important language that everybody wants to learn. It is very important for jobs, competitive exams, travelling abroad, personality development, etc. almost every field of your life. Many people feel different difficulties, dilemmas, and confusion in the step toward learning English. But, this language is not very hard to learn if we follow the right procedure. Here is a complete guide to learning English Language in Nepali.

Hello English app one of the best innovative app ever made has more than 50 Million Learners across the World and offers an amazing experience to the users in learning English from their own mother tongue.

In this article, we have provided you with an important app with a full guide that can really solve your problem of learning English. You would be amazed to know that you can learn the English language from your own language in a very easy & effective way using Hello English app. This app is very innovative and interesting and has been awarded many titles such as “BEST MOBILE APP 2017”, “GOOGLE’S EDITORS’ CHOICE 2017-1018”, “MOST INNOVATIVE APP 2016”, “GOOGLE’S BEST APP 2016”, etc.

Follow these simple steps to learn the English Language in Nepali in an Easy Way:

1. Open the Play Store and search ‘Hello English: Learn English’ and install it. Open the app and enter your email to continue.

Click Here to install ‘Hello English: Learn English’ Directly

2. Select the language from which you want to learn English and level.

3. Select the purpose of learning English from the option and choose your profile picture to proceed.

You are all done to start your journey. Now, You can start your course. Your course is divided into 19 phases and each phase contains 25 Lessons. You can complete the lessons of each phase to proceed with further phases and learn English gradually. There are different activities in learning and practising English.

Follow the above steps to interact with this app effectively.

#Complete Lessons of different phases

You can start your lessons to learn English from the very beginning. Start your lessons and listen to the sentences, practice them from activities like choosing the correct option, arranging words in the right order and filling in the blanks.

Select the phase and the level for the lessons.

Proceed further to start your lesson.

Listen to the phrases and practice Questions as well as fill in the blanks.

After you have completed tasks, you will win the coins. Continue to next lessons for further progress in the same way.


You can play games for further practice on your mobile or with other players online. There are mainly two games.

Tea Game

In this game, you will be given translations at the top and you have to choose the right word in English which is in the form f biscuits. You have to select the correct answer before tea in the glass becomes empty and you can win coins.

Spelling Game

In this game, you will be given a collection of letters with hinted words in your native language. You have to match the letters to form sensible words.


It is an important part of the learning phase. This app consists of a dictionary which has more than 100000+ word in your native language. You can go through this and increase your vocabulary by being familiar with these words.


It is also an important and very interesting part of your study. You can practice English regularly through different activities as Multiplayer Challenges Reading News, Conversations, Articles, Playing Games, watching videos, listening audio and reading books.

If you really want to know or are willing to learn English then this app is the best option for you. Follow these Procedures to learn English most attractively and easily ever. We hope this article will be your guide in your journey towards learning English.

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