How to Know If Someone Deleted their Instagram?

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How to Know If Someone Deleted their Instagram

If you feel like your friend or someone you know has gone off the radar, there are ways to know if someone deleted their Instagram. Instagram has been hot and trending as it is a common platform for both ordinary people with great influence to update about their daily activities. But it can be bothersome to be on a app that expose you to a great amount of criticism.

With growing impact of social media, it can be hard to keep up with the trend and not get too lost. The overuse of social media definitely has negatively impacted a lot of people especially the youths. Under such immense pressure of showcasing a perfect life and subjecting oneself to public criticism, it is normal for people to want to take a break from the social media itself.

But it can be a little tricky to see whether someone has deleted their account or have just blocked you from viewing their profile. Especially, on Instagram where security comes in the form of private account, it can be confusing. In this article, we will learn tricks to know if someone deleted their Instagram or not.

How to Know If Someone Deleted Their Instagram?

As we discussed early on, it can be difficult to differentiate whether your acquaintance has voluntarily left the world of Instagram or just don’t want you in it. To ease your worries we have come up with a list of ways to know if someone deleted their Instagram.

  • Check your likes and comments
  • Search on Browser
  • Ask directly
  • Search from a different account

Check your Likes and Comments

The first and easiest way to figure out if someone deleted their Instagram is by going through your posts likes and comments. If during you having them on your followers list, they have ever left a comment your liked your post, we will be able to see their name. But if their name is nowhere to be found they must have taken time off of Instagram either temporarily or permanently.

Search on Browser

This is another way to check whether person you are looking for want to be found or not. Just go to a browser of your choice and type (enter their username in place of @username). If the browser redirects you to a page ‘This page is not available‘, then its confirmed that either they have blocked you or deleted their page.

Search From a Different Account

Confrontation might not be everyone’s cup of tea especially your relationship has seen some rough patches. If you want to ask them without having to directly ask them, this might be the option for you. If you want to know if someone deleted their account, you can search their username with a different account.

You can ask someone else, a friend, colleague for the help or you can make a new account yourself. If you cannot find their profile even with this new Instagram, then it is sure that they have deleted their Instagram account.

Ask Directly

Confrontation is the best way to feed your curiosity. If you want to know whether someone has deleted their Instagram or not, you can opt to ask them directly about it. It would also contribute you to being a good friend if your friend has been going through a mental turmoil that resulted in them taking their Instagram page down.

What Happens When You Delete Your Instagram Account?

Deleting your account is quite different from deactivating the account. When you deactivate your Instagram account, it means that you just want to have it temporarily disabled. Your information and posts will remain intact and you can log into your account whenever you want.

However, if you delete your account, all your information and activities will be gone forever. It is a permanent decision so make sure you are not rushing it. You can only deactivate or delete your account through a browser. The Instagram app has not come out with this feature yet.


Since there is no direct message or notification feature that states ‘This user has deactivated their account‘ to warn and let you know if someone deleted their Instagram, you have to opt for different ways. The usual “User not Found” tag also does not necessarily makes you know if someone deleted their Instagram.

However, we came up with alternative tricks to know if someone deleted their Instagram. We hope this was a helpful article and let us know if you have any queries.

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