How To Invite Someone To Whatsapp in 2023?

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How To Invite Someone To Whatsapp

Whatsapp is a famous social site from Meta (Facebook previously). You can send messages on Whatsapp and also upload status which is similar to stories. However, the other person also must be a Whatsapp user for that. Read this full article and you can know how to invite someone to Whatsapp.

How To Invite Someone To Whatsapp From International Country?

When people from abroad give you your number, you do not see the contact on Whatsapp. Even after you invite them to Whatsapp or they are already on Whatsapp. You may have faced such a situation or you may face it later. So, how can you tackle this? 

There is a very simple way to do this. You can invite them from your messenger or any applications you chat with them. When they join Whatsapp, you can text them. But, you need to write the country code before the number for international numbers. If you live in India and want to add someone from the USA, you need to write +1 before the number.

How To Invite Someone To Whatsapp?

In order to invite people to Whatsapp, you will need your smartphone. The feature is not available in the web application of Whatsapp. In order to invite people to Whatsapp just follow this method. This is the only available method from Whatsapp to date.

From Mobile

Inviting someone to Whatsapp is easy. You can follow these steps on both your android phone as well as iPhone. You can easily invite someone to Whatsapp by following these steps:

1. Open Whatsapp and click on ‘Chat Icon‘ in the ‘Chats‘ tab.

How To Invite Someone To Whatsapp

2. Scroll down until you find ‘Invite friends’.

How To Invite Someone To Whatsapp

3. Click on the share link button or select anyone from contacts to invite.

How To Invite Someone To Whatsapp

4. Select the platform by which you want to invite someone.

How To Invite Someone To Whatsapp

This is the easiest way to invite people to Whatsapp. You can share the link with limited options including mail, messenger, etc. If you select messaging and send the message, a certain balance from your card will be deducted. In this way, you can invite anyone to Whatsapp connected to you through different mediums. You can not use your PC for the same.

How To Invite Someone To Whatsapp Group?

Since you know how to invite people to Whatsapp, let us see how to invite them to the Whatsapp group. In order to invite that person, that person must be already available on Whatsapp. You can invite them by following the given method to do the same. To invite people to the Whatsapp group, follow these steps.

Firstly, open the Whatsapp group and click on the name of the group. Then click on Add participants and select the person you want to invite. You need to be an admin of the group to add people to the group, else you can not do it. The new participant can see all the messages sent in the group previously. You will not be able to perform this action from your PC.


Hence you can easily invite people to join you on Whatsapp from your smartphone. You can also invite them to join the Whatsapp group you created. They can receive the application from SMS, Messenger, and various other applications as well. Just follow the steps given above and you are all good to go. Thank you for reading the article. We hope you got your answer on how to invite someone to Whatapp. Please do share this article with your friends and help us grow. If you have any queries or comments do leave them in the comment box.

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