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How to Increase Internet Speed? – 10 Easy Ways

Do you want to know how to increase Internet Speed? If you are facing the problem of slow internet and want to get rid of it, keep reading this article. Here, I have shown the significant ways to increase the speed of your internet.

Uploading and downloading files, blogging, loading a page, and many more require fast internet. Such activities are delayed or disturbed in case you have slow internet. Fortunately, you can do something that can dramatically increase your internet speed.

In this article, you can find the 10 most effective ways to increase the speed of your internet with some extra points. Let’s move further.

In this article – the 10 ways:

  1. Test your modem.
  2. Turn off and on again.
  3. Scan for viruses.
  4. Use of Shorter and Newer cables.
  5. Use a Fast VPN
  6. Move your router
  7. Connect via Ethernet cable.
  8. Protect your wifi network
  9. Consult your ISP
  10. Get a new ISP.


  • Check your filters
  • Check for external interference
  • Update firmware and software regularly
  • The provider may have a data cap.

How to increase internet speed?

One rarely checks his internet speed. Just to be confirmed, check your internet speed to know if you are getting the speed at a lower rate than that you should. For this, you can simply visit a website among many. To give you an idea, you have,,, etc. where you can check the speed of your internet.

Now, we are going to get a detailed view of each point mentioned above.

1. Test your Modem


Your Modem can be the biggest cause of the drop out of internet speed. Blaming your ISP while the cause is your modem can be quite embarrassing. So, test a different modem. For this, you can call your ISP and ask for a suitable modem. They will suggest you a modem that may help you increase your internet speed.

To know how to test your modem, click here or search for it on your browser.

2. Turn off and On again.

Turning the modem on and off can be one of the best ways to increase internet speed. Turning off allows the modem to cool down and also cuts off the connection. And turning it on gives you a fresh speed. So this way also, you can get a better speed.

Try this as it does not require any equipment nor it costs a penny.

3. Scan for viruses.

The viruses spread as the computer is made to throw out thousands of copies of the virus. This can cause a slowdown in your internet speed. Therefore, you need to scan the internet for virus clearance so that you can get a better speed on your internet.

Scanning and removing malware from the router not only keep you secure but also increases your internet speed.

4. Use of Shorter and Newer cables.


The length of your cable affects the speed of your internet. So, to get a higher speed, try getting shorter and newer cables by replacing the older ones.

5. Use a fast VPN


VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. You can use a VPN to get a higher speed for your internet. But be careful while choosing the VPN as many VPN can slow down your internet. So, choose the VPN that has the bandwidth and the infrastructure to support faster connections.

You can try ExpressVPN, CyberGhost, NordVPN, etc. for a better result in your internet speed.

6. Move your router.

The next thing that you can do is to move your router from where it’s currently placed. You can simply put it somewhere else but closer to the devices you use so that you can get a satisfactory internet speed.

7. Connect via Ethernet cable.

connect through ethernet cable

Connecting through Ethernet cable rather than through wireless connection can be a superb idea that can help you out to get high-speed internet. This option is quite useful the devices that you don’t move such as a desktop computer.

8. Protect your wifi network.

A strong password can protect your wifi network from strange users. If the strange users get access to the password, your internet speed may slow down. Hence, to remain safe from such users who are strange and messes with your internet speed, try this option.

This will also cut off the connection with the unused devices that are still connected to the internet. If you want to know how to create a strong password, click here.

9. Consult your ISP.

consult isp

If all the above doesn’t work, you can call your ISP or modem company for proper investigation. They will send personnel to check out all of these and try to fix them. They will carry out a proper investigation for the cause. They might find something responsible for the speed drops for which you were unable.

10. Get a new ISP.

Sometimes, the internet provider itself can be a problem. If your internet provider wants to provide you a slow speed for the internet, no matter how many tips you use. So if all the tips fail, try out this one.


  • Check your filters: If your internet is connected to a phone line that has a telephone on it, you need to check whether you have good quality filters installed on your line.
  • Check for external interference: You can check whether any device is causing electromagnetic interference.
  • Update firmware and software regularly: For this, you can search on the browser or simply click here.
  • The provider may have a data cap: This means that your internet provider may have set a limit without making you know. In this case, when you exceed the limit, you may find your internet getting slowed down.


It’s time to wrap up. In conclusion, we can say that the above-mentioned tells us how to increase internet speed. However, some may be irritating and difficult to carry out and also may sometimes fail. But you can try out all these and may find any one of them effective for you. You can see some extra points presented as a bonus. Hope you get benefitted from the article. Stay tuned.

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