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How To Hide Subscribers On Youtube?

Youtube is an online media platform for sharing videos. People can create channels and others can subscribe to the channel. Do you have a channel and want to hide the number of subscribers? If yes then you have come to the right place. Read this full article to know how to hide subscribers on Youtube by different methods.

Should I Hide My Subscribers On Youtube?

You can see your subscribers easily from your channel. It is just below the channel name. You can also hide the subscribers if you wish to. People hide their subscribers count generally when the channel is new or the channel does not have many subscribers. If the channel is of a brand, it is better to hide subscribers below 1000. This will make a good overall impression of the brand. However, if you are making a personal youtube channel, you can show your subscribers from the beginning.

How To Hide Subscribers On Youtube?

If you have started a channel recently you may want to hide subscribers until you reach a certain number. You can do so very easily. However, the only option for hiding subscribers is through Youtube Studio. If you don’t know how to do it, don’t worry. We will teach you how to use Youtube Studio to hide subscribers on Youtube.

Hide Subscribers From Youtube Studio

You can easily hide your subscribers on Youtube. If you do so, other people will not be able to see the number of subscribers in your channel. You can however see the number of subscribers in Youtube Studio. Follow the given steps and your work is done:

1. Login to your Google account and open Youtube Studio.

2. Click on ‘Settings‘ then on ‘Channel’ and on ‘Advanced Settings‘.

3. Scroll down until you find the Subscriber count option.

You can hide subscribers on Youtube using Youtube studio

4. Uncheck the Display the number of people subscribed to my channel and then ‘Save‘.

Can I Hide Subcribers On Youtube From Mobile?

You can also hide your subscribers from your mobile phone. However, Youtube does not provide a direct method from the application itself to do so. You will still need to visit Youtube Studio and follow the steps above. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that you will need to follow these steps from your mobile browser. You can easily access Youtube Studio from your mobile browser and do everything you could from your PC.

How To See Hidden Subscribers On Youtube?

If your subscribers have kept private subscriptions, you cannot see their names. If they have a public subscription, you can see the list with the help of youtube studio. For that, you have to open the youtube studio in the first place. Then click on channel analytics and scroll down until you see recent subscribers. Click on See All button to view the recent subscribers. On the right-hand side, if you click the dropdown then you can choose lifetime. By doing so, you can view all public subscribers of your channel.

Can I Hide Views On Youtube?

You cannot hide views on Youtube. There is no feature to date from Youtube. There are many plugins that say they can hide views but that is not possible. There is no way to hide views on Youtube as of today.


Therefore the hiding of subscribers is very easy. You can do it from the desktop as well as mobile easily by following the steps above. Thank you for reading the article. We hope you got your answer on how to hide subscribers on Youtube. Please do share us with your friends. If you have any queries or comments do leave them in the comment box.

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