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How to Hide Likes on Twitter in 2023?

A question that might have popped up in your mind when using Twitter is” How to hide likes on Twitter?”. This might be a problem when you use Twitter. Twitter allows people to see your liked tweets which may sometimes be a little awkward.  

Well, worry no more because after reading this article you will have a detailed and clear knowledge of how you can hide likes on Twitter. Including privacy concerns, the algorithm of Twitter also takes these liked posts as a general assumption of what more similar posts to show you. So, let us start learning how to hide likes on Twitter.

How to Hide Likes on Twitter?

Can anyone see my Twitter Likes?

Yes, Twitter allows your followers and even your non-followers to see what you have liked on the app. Anyone who wants to see what posts have you ever liked can access them through the ‘Likes‘ tab on your profile even if they are not your friend. In addition to this, when you like a tweet, a notification goes to everyone who shared it or is even mentioned in the post.

How to Hide Likes on Twitter?

Maintaining our privacy is always important to each one of us whether it be in our physical life or digital. This function of Twitter that allows everyone to access your likes might be a problem if you are a private person or a public figure. Thus, you can hide likes on Twitter by following three methods:

  1. Setting your account to Private Mode
  2. Getting your Likes Back
  3. Using Google Chrome Console

1. Setting your Account to Private

Going Private allows only your followers to see what posts you can share and what you have liked. If any non-followers want to take a look at your liked posts and tweets, they will have to first send you a follow request and only after you accept those requests, your likes and tweets become visible to them. To go private on Twitter follow these steps:

1. Log into your Twitter account and go to your profile.

2. Locate Settings and go to the ‘Privacy and Safety’ option.

3. Click on ‘Audience and Tagging’.

4. Turn on ‘Protect your tweets‘ option.

This feature of Twitter allows you to protect your preferences from strangers.

2. Getting your Likes Back

Through this method, you can, unlike the Tweets, you have liked previously. Even though this method is very time consuming and requires energy, it allows you to hide your liked posts from others without having to set your account to Private. To get your likes back:

1. Go to your Twitter profile.

2. Open the option named ‘Likes’.

3. Unlike the post you want to hide.

Once you have un-liked the post no one including the person who shared it can see that you were in any way ever a part of it.

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3. Using Google Chrome Console

Using the Google Chrome Console, you can unlike the tweets in mass. Since Twitter does not provide us options to unlike our tweets to hide them in a large number, using Google Chrome Console option is very reliable and easy, to hide your likes on Twitter using this method,

  1. Log into your Twitter account using Google Chrome.
  2. Open your ‘Profile‘ and select the ‘likes‘ section.
  3. Press F12 to open the Google Chrome Console.
  4. Select the ‘Console’ tab to load it.
  5. Copy and paste ‘$(‘.ProfileTweet-actionButtonUndo.ProfileTweet-action–unfavorite’).click();‘.
  6. Press Enter.
  7. The script runs after that and your liked tweets gets un- favorited.

This method is the best one yet if you want to un-favorite all your tweets. It is less time-consuming and very reliable. Although, its one drawback is that once you do this, all the tweets you have ever liked will get un-liked even though you want not want that to happen to some.


In this way, you can hide likes on Twitter easily and protect your privacy. The easiest and safest method to do so is the one we have mentioned first i.e. converting your account from public to private. Doing this ensures maximum safety from strangers but you might also miss the various interactions you could have through this platform. In addition to this, going private also forbids search engines like Google from accessing your tweets through keywords.

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