How to Go Live on Twitter?

Twitter has been one of the dominant social media platforms of the past decade including Facebook & Instagram. Over the years Twitter has come up with various different features made to enhance the user experience. Similarly, the live feature is also one of the many features of the app.

Twitter lets its users go live from the app which means that their followers can tune into their live and get access to the video as well as audio in real life. They can even comment and join, making the feature a cool way to connect with people in your follower list.

To go live on Twitter is super simple and whether you are a newbie in the Twitter world or a veteran with loads of tweeting experience, anyone can learn to go live. In this article, we have put together some steps for you to follow so make sure to carefully read them down below.

How to Go Live on Twitter?

The Live feature was first introduced to the Twitter world on 14 December 2016. Since then numerous amounts of people have gone live on the app whether they are normal people or celebrities. If you haven’t already tried going live and would like to learn how to go live on Twitter then follow along with the steps mentioned below:-

1. Open Twitter & tap on the ‘New Tweet‘ icon.

How to Go Live on Twitter?

2. Tap on the ‘Picture‘ icon.

How to Go Live on Twitter?

3. Tap on the ‘Camera‘ icon.

How to Go Live on Twitter?

4. Select ‘Live‘ by swiping right.

How to Go Live on Twitter?

5. Tap on ‘Go Live‘.

How to Go Live on Twitter?

6. You are now Live on Twitter.

How to Go Live on Twitter?

These are all the steps to go Live on Twitter. If you want to end the Live then tap on the ‘Stop‘ button at the top left.

Frequently Asked Question

Why Can’t I Go Live on Twitter?

If you have ‘Protect My Tweets‘ turned on, then you cannot go Live on Twitter. If you want to go live then you will have to go to the settings and turn the feature off. Then you should be able to find the Live feature when opening your camera for your tweet.

Can You Go Live on Twitter on Desktop?

Twitter does not have a feature that lets you go live from your desktop. If you want to go live on Twitter using your desktop then you will have to use a third party app. Some third party apps are Restream, Golightstream, Socialive and OBS. You will have to get your stream key from Twitter and plug it into your broadcasting software of choice.

How Long Can You Go Live on Twitter?

If you go live immediately then you will not have a time limit on your live stream. You can go live for however long you want. However, if you scheduled a live then you can only go live for a maximum of 6 hours. So there is only a time limit for a scheduled live and not for a live that you immediately start.

How Do You Watch Someone’s Twitter Live?

You will see that live videos on Twitter show up as tweets. If you follow someone and they have gone live, you will see their live on your timeline as a tweet. If you want to search for a person’s live then you need to go to their profile and then the live will also be present in the form of a tweet.


Going Live on Twitter is an amazing way to connect with your audience or followers on the app. They can leave comments and even join in on the live which makes the live even more interactive. Any user can go live on Twitter and in case you do not know how to, we have put together some steps just for you. Just follow the steps carefully and you will be able to go live on Twitter as well.

That is it for this article. We hope that we were able to help you in one way or another. If you have any questions or queries about this topic then please feel free to leave them down below. We will try to get to them as soon as possible so do not hesitate to ask.

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