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How to Get your Drafts Back on Tiktok?

Drafts are easy ways to monitor your videos and edit them further before actually posting them on your account. The good thing is there are ways to get your drafts back on Tiktok if you had your drafts disappear sometimes or you mistakenly delete it at times.

Tiktok is a rapidly growing entertainment platform that has created influential teenagers in the world. Well, safe to say because of its “easy to gather audience” tendency, people are being gravitated towards using Tiktok more every day. But posting videos directly can be a little nerve-wracking, that’s when drafts help you out.

However, it can be a little tricky if you lost your drafts since they are your soon-to-be posted videos. Even though there is no direct way to recover your Tiktok drafts there are different tricks you can implement to get your drafts back on Tiktok. Here, we will dive into various methods to recover your lost or deleted drafts and videos on Tiktok.

How to Get your Drafts Back on Tiktok?

Tiktok users sometimes find themselves in the spiral of having their videos deleted either intentionally or unintentionally. As of right now, you do not directly have the option to recover Tiktok drafts that have been deleted but we have ways to get your drafts back on Tiktok. But for most of these methods to work, you have to have your videos shared publicly beforehand. Here are some of the ways to restore Tiktok drafts and videos:

  • Through Tiktok Settings
  • Recover from Liked Videos
  • Save to Device
  • Recover from Backup/Trash
  • Third Party Applications

Through Tiktok Settings

Once your Tiktok data have been deleted, you have the option to request Tiktok to have your data restored and downloaded. Launch Tiktok, log into your Tiktok account and just follow the steps below:

1. Go to your Profile.

How to Get your Drafts Back on Tiktok?

2. Click on the triple-dotted option.

How to Get your Drafts Back on Tiktok?

3. Select Privacy and Safety.

How to Get your Drafts Back on Tiktok?

4. Click Personalization and data.

How to Get your Drafts Back on Tiktok?

5. Select Download your data.

How to Get your Drafts Back on Tiktok?

6. Click Request data.

How to Get your Drafts Back on Tiktok?

The process will take few days and you will be able to acquire copy of all your data and history off of Tiktok. This way you can get your drafts back on Tiktok along with your other information.

Recover from Liked Videos

Another way is to recover through your liked videos. Tiktok exclusively separates videos you have pressed the heart button on. If you have uploaded your videos and pressed the heart icon, you can still save it on your gallery. Follow the steps given below:

1. Go your Profile.

Recover from Liked Videos

2. Click the liked videos icon.

Recover from Liked Videos

3. Select the video.

Recover from Liked Videos

4. Click on the triple-dot option.

Recover from Liked Videos

5. Click Save Video.

Recover from Liked Videos

You will now have saved the videos from your private library of liked videos.

Save to Device

While you proceed to shoot a video for your draft, you will have the option to save it locally on your device. You should toggle on the option to save the video and post the Tiktok video. Next thing, you will have your video saved on your device even if your delete the video from the application.

1. Select Save to device after you shoot the video.

Save to Device

Your video will be downloaded and saved in your phone or your PC and you can retrieve it from your Gallery.

Recover From Backup/ Trash

If you have already saved your video on your gallery and deleted it by mistake, you will be able to extract it through backup from your android or your IOS device. On your PC, you will have the option to acquire them from the trash of your computer.

On Android

Enter your google credentials on your google drive, go to google photos on your android phone and follow the steps:

1. Go to Library.
Recover From Backup
2. Click Bin.
Recover From Backup
3. Select the video.
Recover From Backup
4. Click Restore.
Recover From Backup

You have now restored the videos and you can get your drafts back on tiktok once it had been deleted from your android device.


To get your drafts back on Tiktok on your IOS device, you will again have to have it deleted from the device. The backup has to be enabled on the device for this method to work. Go to and enter your apple account credentials. Similarly, you can restore the videos from icloud.


Do not panic, if your videos were saved on the PC. Before attempting any drastic measures you might want to save the Recycle Bin on your PC. This method can be used if your videos were not permanently deleted. Select the video and restore it to your device.

Recover From Trash

Third Party Application

If you have saved your video on SD card you can get your drafts back on Tiktok along with any data or videos you want by external source. You can connect your device to your PC and install a third party application for data recovery on your PC. We will use Recoverit in this article. Install the software on your PC or Mac and start the recovery process by following steps:

1. Launch Recoverit.

Recover vide through third party application

2. Select the Location/Drive and wait for scan completion.

Recover vide through third party application

You can also choose to add external drives and select a particular device.

3. Select the video and click Recover.

Recover vide through third party application

Why do your Drafts Disappear from Tiktok?

There are various reasons as to why your drafts have been deleted or disappeared from TikTok. One of the most common reasons is uninstalling the application. Once you uninstall Tiktok from your device, all your drafts will automatically disappear. Another reason is maybe you did not save your drafts or post and share it. It could also be that your phone stopped working while you are saving the draft.

Whatever the reason is, you can still use the above mentioned alternative options to get your drafts back on Tiktok.


The article focused on the ways to get your drafts along with ways you can recover deleted Tiktok videos. There is a limitation to what you can do directly through Tiktok, so we also addressed the use of third party application to recover Tiktok data on your device. We hope this article was helpful, let us know your queries regarding the subject.

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