How To Get Old YouTube Creator Studio Classic ?

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YouTube is working regularly on creators to switch to its new YouTube Studio platform (formerly YouTube Creator Studio), which is still in BETA version and lacks a lot of, namely, Analytics features we can only find in Classic at the moment. If you want to Get Old YouTube Creator Studio Classic, this article can help you.

We still prefer Classic over new Studio version because we have been habituated to it. Classic still offers a lot of features which Studio doesn’t at the moment, even though it receives constant updates with ported features and analytics charts literally every week, getting new existing and exclusive ones like impressions and click-through rates, a performance comparison between videos/channels, and easing access to others, like subscribers per each video and so on.

How To Get Old YouTube Creator Studio Classic

Another, relatively recent change, that is going away with the Classic design is the top-left MENU button, which allowed direct access to the MAIN YouTube menu (History, My Channel, Subscriptions, Trending, Premium, YouTube TV.), which now doesn’t do that any more. Instead, it does a simple Collapse Menu action. The same thing happened to the main YouTube page, where it collapses the menu, instead of providing access to useful shortcuts.

Though you have been automatically switched to the new Studio, there is still a Settings menu on the left sidebar. However, there is no longer an option to switch back to Classic on a “permanent” basis. There is, however, one small trick you can still use for a while for switching from

To enable Old YouTube Creator Studio, Follow these steps:

1. Open the Dashboard of your YouTube Channel and click on your channel icon.

How To Get Old YouTube Creator Studio Classic

2. Click on ‘Your Channel’ to open your Channel interface.

How To Get Old YouTube Creator Studio Classic

3. Click on ‘Customize Channel’

4. Click on the ‘Subscribers’ button and you will be directed to your old YouTube Creator Studio Classic

Just following the above simple steps you can get your Old YouTube Creator Studio. It is important to note that Classic Studio may shut down anytime, so it is better to become familiar with the new YouTube Studio.

I hope this article was helpful to you. If you have any queries regarding this, do comment on us.

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