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How to Find the Lost Phone – 3 Important Settings

Still thinking “How to find the lost phone?”, go through the article to get the answer to this question. Here, you will find 3 important settings that help the user find the phone after it’s lost. These settings are to be done before losing the phone. This is a complete guide where you’ll not only know the settings before losing a phone but also the ways to find the phone after losing it.

There is a lot of information stored on our phones. We have fear to lose our phone as it has photos, videos, documents, and many more files. Also, we are on many different social platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and so on. Our accounts may get hacked as well. However, these issues can be solved but the loss of the phone is itself a serious problem.

You may also be about your phone if it’s dear to you. If yes, instantly go for these few settings on your phone. In this article, I have mentioned 3 important settings that you need to do before losing your phone. These settings will not only let you know the updates about your phone but you may get your phone back as well. Let’s kick off.

How to find the lost phone – the 3 settings:

1. IMEI Number

IMEI number

IMEI number stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity. It has fifteen digits but it is not just a number. It is a unique identity of your device that helps you get your device back if you happen to lose it.

When you buy your phone, you can find the IMEI number on the cover. If the cover is missing or you lost it or the number can not be seen clearly, you can still know the IMEI number of your phone. Just dial *#06# and you can view your IMEI number. Save this number somewhere that’s safe and you can use it when needed.

how to find IMEI number

When you lose your phone, you can take this number to the concerned authorities to file a complaint because you will be asked for it when you go to file a missing report. 

You may have an issue if the IMEI number is not registered. People get their phones to their homes from other countries and use them without registering. Make sure that you have registered your IMEI number. If yet not registered, no worries. Click here to get the complete guide for IMEI registration.

2. Find My Device:

Another way to know how to find the lost phone is mentioned below. You need to follow some steps for this setting on your phone. Follow the steps below.

  1. Go to Settings on your phone.

2. Click on Security Status.

security status

3. Turn on the option Find Device.

find device

If you can not find the option Find My Device, try searching it using the search tool in Settings.

How to find the device?

Now it’s time to use the settings that were turned on in the steps mentioned above. Follow these steps to find the last location of the device.

  1. Type find my device on the browser.
finding lost phone

2. You will see the link of a website called Android Find My Device – Google. Click on it.

3. Login with the e-mail ID using the login option. (This e-mail ID should be the one that was logged in on the phone lost.)

After all this, you can view the last location of the phone you want to know about.

3. Setting on MI phone:

The option that I am going to mention is available on MI phones. This method will possibly not disappoint you. People generally ignore this option or at least underestimate it. But it is quite useful when the phone is lost. So, if you are an MI phone user,

  1. Open the settings option on your phone.

2. Scroll down and go to MI Account. If you have not created an account, create it.

3. If you have created your MI account, click on Xiaomi Cloud.

4. Then click on Find Device option.

5. Also, turn on the options Report location when the battery is low and Report location before powering off.

Note: Generally, people think that turning on the location causes battery drain. This may have some reality as in old phones, there was this issue but it’s a myth for the smartphones at present.

To find the phone:

Using the above settings, you can find the location of your phone. (Make sure the location was ‘on’ on the phone you lost.) Follow the steps below to find the location of the lost phone.

  1. Type ‘‘ on the browser.
mi sign in

2. Click on Sign in with MI account.

3. Sign in with the MI account you created on your phone.

4. After that, click on the Find Device option.

Then the last location of the lost phone will be shown to you on the screen.


So, these were the 3 important settings before you lose your phone that will help you know how to find the lost phone, in case you lose it. If you love your dear phone, turn on the settings and follow the steps mentioned above. Hope this article was helpful for you. Stay tuned for such useful articles.

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