How to Find Someone on Facebook?

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Facebook is home to many people, and they have been diligently using Facebook
for the sole purpose of communication. Facebook paved the way for people to
connect with other people using an online platform. Facebook comes with
features other than just sending messages or posting. Did you know that you can
also find someone on Facebook and sent them requests to be your friends?

Connecting with people you saw for merely two seconds in real life is not so
farfetched when it comes to Facebook. If you are looking for someone and have
not been able to get hold of them, there is a high chance you can find them on
Facebook. In this article, we will talk about different scenarios and methods
to find someone on Facebook.

Can You Search People Without Using Your Facebook Account?

Yes, you can search and find someone on Facebook even without using your own
account. It may take a few more clicks than just searching them through your own
account. Nonetheless, it is worth the effort if you find their profiles at the
end. Firstly, go to Google Search and type ‘their name + Facebook‘.

This will show a result page with all the relevant search results. You can
mind the profile that matched your information and look through their
profile. If this does not work for you there are other online platforms that
lets you search for people active on Facebook

Social-Searcher is an online platform that allows
you to find someone on Facebook. Enter the name of the person and see how it
shows relevant search results. You can scroll through the results and choose
the person you are looking for.

How to Find Someone on Facebook?

As stated earlier you can easily find someone on Facebook. But different
scenarios may require different methods to search for people. We have gathered
a few different ways that have been explained in detail below:

You can use Facebook through Android or IOS and even go for the Facebook web
version. For this article, we will be demonstrating through the Facebook web.

Search Username

The search feature on Facebook allows you to look for anything. According to
the search you make, you can find anything that’s active on the platform. To
find someone on Facebook through their username follow the steps below:

1. Log into your account.

2. Click on the search bar.

How to Find Someone on Facebook?

3. Enter the username and press ‘Enter‘.

How to Find Someone on Facebook?

A list of people with relevant usernames will appear. Click their profile or ‘Add friend‘ as you wish. This way if the person you are looking for has an active running account on
Facebook, they will end up in the search result.

Find Friends

Facebook often produces a suggestion list for you to befriend. You may
often see new people under ‘People You May Know‘ on your feed. This contains
the list of ‘friends of friends‘ or people who have some similarities with you. If
the friend suggestion has not been appearing on your feed, you can look for it
using the steps below:

1. Log into your account.

2. Click on the friends icon.

How to Find Someone on Facebook?

3. Go to ‘Suggestions‘.

How to Find Someone on Facebook?

Again, under ‘People you may know‘, you will see a list of friend suggestions.
Typically, they are people you already have some similarities with. Maybe you
have same friends, or you go to the same school If you are lucky, you can find
someone on Facebook through the suggestion list.

Look for a Mutual Friend

When you know for sure that the person you are looking for can be found in
the friend list of someone you can use this method. Remember that Facebook has
security features that if someone has restricted others from viewing their
information, you may not see their full friend list.

To be sure, go to the friend’s profile and look for ‘Friends‘. You can use
the username to search for people or can scroll through the page individually to
find someone on Facebook through a mutual connection. You can also filter ‘Friends of Friends‘ when searching for people.

How to Find Someone on Facebook?

Check School/ City/ Work

Do you want to befriend someone you went to the same high school with?
Do you miss the people you lived around before you moved to the city? Or do you
want to connect with your former work colleague? You can use the search option to
find someone on Facebook once you know this information.

How to Find Someone on Facebook?

Facebook has provided a filter option along with the search where you can
choose to see people from certain schools, cities, or work. So, if you know this
information about people you want to find, you can easily look for them.

Check Public Groups

Groups are fun interactive communities of people with the same interest. So, of
you know something that the person is interested in, you can look for them
in public groups. Let’s say they are a fan of a certain music bands or movie shows
and want to be a part of the discussion.

How to Find Someone on Facebook?

You can go to a group and search for them in the member’s panel. One thing
to remember is that you can only access public groups because a closed group will
require admin permission for access. So, this is a hit or miss chance to find
someone on Facebook.

Why Can’t You Find Someone on Facebook?

There may be many reasons why you cannot find someone on Facebook. The
reason may range from something as small as a spelling error to something
drastic such as a block. While typing the username you might have mistyped a
word, this may result in an entirely different outcome.

But if you are confident about the spelling and can still not find the
person, chances are either you have blocked them, or they have blocked you on
Facebook. If it is you who blocked them, you can easily unblock and send a friend
request. But you cannot do anything if they do not want to be found.


Being friends with someone on Facebook gives you an opportunity to not only
talk to them but share moments of your life. This can serve as a great chance if
you want to extend your friendship with them. But the initial step to being
friends is to find someone on Facebook. In this article, we talked about
different ways to search for people using Facebook.

We hope this was a helpful article. Let us know if you have any queries.

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