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How to Enable Camera Access on Instagram?

Instagram provides the feature of uploading and taking pictures directly from the application. But it is only possible if you enable camera access on Instagram. With creative filters that are freely available on Instagram, you can make your pictures look extraordinary. We intend to help you through the process of enabling camera access on Instagram.

Why am I not able to access camera on Instagram?

When you first download the app you will be welcomed with the pop-up notification of “Allow” and “Deny” access to the camera, a microphone by the app. If you have pressed “Allow” at the time then you have nothing to worry about. You have already enabled camera access on Instagram and make use of it.

However, if you accidentally or unknowingly press the “Deny” option, you will have to change the settings manually. The process is easy and hassle-free. You can get easy access to your camera by following methods.

How to Enable Camera Access on Instagram?

We have listed different ways that can help you with your trouble. The methods consist of easy ways to enable camera access on Instagram through Android, using Instagram updates, clear cache, and force shutdown.

On Android

1. Go to “Apps” under “Settings” on your phone.

Go to "Apps"

2. Search for “Instagram“.

Search "Instagram"

3. Click on “Permissions“.

Click on "Permissions" to allow access

4. Switch on the “Camera” option to allow access.

Enable camera access on Instagram

You have now enabled camera access on Instagram. A reminder that this method only works if you have previously denied the camera permission. In any other scenario, you can try one of the following methods.

Can we Update our Instagram?

Yes, we can surely look for new updates that Instagram has to offer. This is also another way to enable your camera or another feature on Instagram if it has not been working. Go along the steps given below to update your application.

1. Go to “Play Store“.

Go to "Play Store"

2. Click on your profile on the upper right corner of your feed.

Go to your Profile.

3. Select “Manage apps and Device“.

Select "Manage apps and device"

4. Go to “Updates available” under “Manage“.

Start updates if any

If it shows that Instagram has updates pending you can click on it to start the update process.

What are the Steps to Clear Cache on Instagram?

Chances are that if you have not cleared your cache in a long time, your application can run slower. The more data that is stored in the cache, the probability of the device running the application increases. It could also result in slower load time, which might be a reason you do not have access to the camera feature.

Deleting the cache regularly will not only upgrade the application performance but will also give a better user-friendly experience. So here’s how you can clear the cache of Instagram:

1. Go to “Apps” under “Settings” on your phone.

Go to "Apps"

2. Search for Instagram.

Search "Instagram"

3. Select “Storage“.

Select "Storage"

4. Click on “Clear Cache“.

Clear Cache

You can also try “Clear Data” to free up memory space on your Instagram.

Will Force Shut Down/ Restart help enable camera access on Instagram?

If none of the above methods work and you are still having trouble enabling camera access on Instagram, you can try to force shut down your phone. Often time it could be a result of your phone being in excessive use.

Different apps being used in the background at the same time could use up resources and degrade the overall quality of your phone performance. You can either restart or shut down your phone completely and this should allow you to enable camera access on Instagram.


Sometimes not being able to access the camera or any other Instagram features could be an error on their side. The problem could have started from the main server itself which is why you are facing this problem. At times like this, you can only wait and let Instagram resolve the issue on its own.

If the problem is on their side then within a short time you will be able to use your Instagram account normally. We hope this article was helpful and provided an insight on how to enable camera access on Instagram easily.

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