How To Recover Deleted Files on PC Windows 10/8/7?

If you have lost an important file accidentally then Don’t panic! You can easily recover your deleted files regardless of the conditions in which they were deleted. Here is a Complete Guide that will help you in recovering your deleted files

You can restore deleted files from the recycle bin, backups, pen drive, hard disk with file recovery software and it works even the files have been permanently deleted without any backup.

How deleted Data are recovered?

The deleted files are still present on your hard drive (or USB drive, media card, smartphone, etc.) though you have deleted them permanently. They can be recovered using free data recovery software. There are different software available that can help you with your data recovery. Here is one of the best data recovery software ‘Data Rescue PC3’, which will assist you to recover files on your PC in all the OS Windows 7/8/10.

Follow these steps to recover your deleted files:

Note: Here, I have deleted files from my Pen Drive and recover deleted files again to show you this tutorial.

Formatting Pen Drive to recover deleted files again for this tutorial

1: Download and Install ‘Data Rescue PC3’

Click Here to Download ‘Data Rescue PC3’

The interface of the ‘Data Rescue PC3’ file.

2: Select the Drive Location from where you want to recover your deleted files and tap on ‘Next’.

Here, I have selected Drive D as I want to recover deleted files from it.

3: Tap on ‘Next’ to scan for the deleted files and then click on ‘Yes’ to save the scanned file.

4: ‘Browse’ the location where you want to save scanned files and tap on ‘Next’ and then ‘OK’.

5: Select the ‘Found Files’ option and tap on ‘Next’ to view the deleted file. ‘Check Mark’ these files for the recovery process.

6: Tap on ‘Save Icon’ on the top left and select the destination folder and tap on ‘Recover’ to finally recover your Deleted files.

Step 7: You can check your recovered file from your Destination Folder and copy it wherever you want.

After reading this article, you must have known the entire process of recovering deleted files on a Windows Computer Or Laptop. If you have any queries regarding this article, do comment on us.

Click here to watch the video tutorial.

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