How to Do Voice Effects on Tiktok?

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How to Do Voice Effects on Tiktok

TikTok is taking the world by the storm with the entertainment it serves in a few seconds. Creating videos on TikTok is becoming more famous and more fun. And, to add to the fun journey, TikTok has voice effects now.

You can record a video directly on TikTok or have a recorded video of 15 seconds as per TikTok’s recommendation, to use a voice effect. So, let us tell you how to do voice effects on Tiktok today.

Let out all your creativity and fun with these 13 voice effects on TikTok and join take inspiration from the community that has already been doing it.

How to Do Voice Effects on Tiktok?

The Voice effect is like a photo effect but in voice. Keep in mind that you can add a voice effect only after recording a video. Check the steps below to learn how to add voice effects on TikTok. It is the same method on Android and iPhone.

1.     Press the ‘+’ button to record a TikTok video first.

How to Do Voice Effects on Tiktok

2.     Click on the red tick mark button.

How to Do Voice Effects on Tiktok

3.     Tap ‘Voice effects’.

Tap ‘Voice effects’ on TikTok

4.     Select the voice effect of your choice.

Select the voice effect of your choice on TikTok

5.     Tap your screen and then tap Next.

Tap your screen and tap Next

6.     Write in your description area and hit Post or place it in Drafts.

Write in your description area and hit Post or place it in Drafts

List of Voice effects available on TikTok

This is the Tiktok effects list, which you can apply to your videos and use if you like it. You can use these voice-changing effects to make your videos more fun for yourself and for others too.

  • Chipmunk: Increases sound to a higher pitch
  • Baritone: Decreases sound to a lower pitch.
  • Mic: Sounds as if you are talking on a microphone, works well with singing.
  • Megaphone: Sounds as if you’re speaking on a phone.
  • Robot: Makes the sound robotic.
  • Battery Drain: If battery draining had a sound, this is it.
  • Shake: The sound vibrates.
  • Electronic: Has an auto-tune effect.
  • Echo: The sound turns into echoes.
  • Synth: A mixture of a synthesizer and one pitch lower sound.
  • Elf: Sounds as if you sucked helium from a balloon.
  • Giant: Pitch decreases lower than Baritone.

How to add voice effect on tiktok from camera roll?

All you have to do is click the ‘+’ button and go to Upload and open the video you want to use a voice effect on. Then, everything else is just the same. You press the red tick mark button, go to ‘Voice effects’ and select the voice effect you like.

If you just want to save it, you don’t have to write in your description area. Just put in under Drafts. Or you could just upload it as it is, without a description too. Just tap Post.

Did tiktok take away voice effects?

No, it didn’t. If TikTok voice effects don’t work, then the problem might be in your internet connection or maybe you are using an older version of TikTok. You could try refreshing the app, your phone, or try to restart your phone and app.

If that doesn’t work either, try clearing the cache of the app. And, if you’ve been trying to search for the voice effects of TikTok as you are recording a video, then that won’t be possible.

Do keep in mind that the voice effects are available only after the video is recorded or taken from your camera roll.


With voice effects, your videos get a chance to attract attention in a fun way. TikTok already works well to grab attention in the little time frame, so making it memorable will double up the effect. Your videos will stand out better when it stays in people’s minds.

We hope you learned how to do Voice Effects on Tiktok now.

Let us know in the comments which one is your regular voice effect.

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