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How to Delete WhatsApp Messages?

WhatsApp is a widely popular means of communication for people all over the world. People prefer WhatsApp to interact with their family and friends, and some even for their work. So if you keep all your messages intact it can be very hard for you to navigate your way through. Thankfully, you can also easily delete WhatsApp messages.

Keeping all the messages will not only create clutter and overwhelm you but there is also a high chance of mishap. You might mistakenly send a wrong message to someone & get yourself in an awkward situation.

To solve this, we have presented you with this article that tackles queries related to deleting messages on WhatsApp. We have also included a thorough process you can use to delete WhatsApp messages in this article.

How to Delete WhatsApp Messages?

There is more than a single way to delete WhatsApp messages. So, we have curated two ways that will explain in detail about different aspects of deleting messages. You can use this on your android, IOS, or desktop device.

  • Delete Individual Chats
  • Clear All Messages

A detailed description of both methods has been mentioned below:

Delete Individual Chats

When you interact with a large number of people, keeping track of each person can be hard. Thus, you can filter out chats that you need from the ones you don’t need to keep. Then you can individually delete WhatsApp messages in the following ways:

1. Open WhatsApp.

2. Press on a chat box and tap on the delete icon.

How to Delete WhatsApp Messages?

You can also checkmark the ‘Also delete media received in this chat from the device gallery‘ to remove photos or videos sent by this person.

3. Click ‘Delete Chat‘.

How to Delete WhatsApp Messages?

Thus you can delete individual WhatsApp messages. However, if you want to delete a group chat message you will first need to ‘Exit Group‘. You will find this option when you press on the group chat.

How to Delete WhatsApp Messages?

Once you have exited the group you can then follow the steps above to delete WhatsApp messages on group chat.

Clear All Messages

Though it’s better to filter and delete each message if your end goal is to completely clear out your inbox this is no more than a hassle. There is a direct way you can choose to delete all messages on WhatsApp at once. Follow the steps below to clear all messages:

1. Open WhatsApp.

2. Click on the triple-dot icon and select ‘Settings‘.

How to Delete WhatsApp Messages?

3. Go to ‘Chats‘ and choose ‘Chat History‘.

How to Delete WhatsApp Messages?

4. Select ‘Delete all chats‘ and click ‘Delete Chats‘.

How to Delete WhatsApp Messages?

This way you can save time and collectively delete WhatsApp messages.

Can I Unsend WhatsApp Messages?

Yes, you can easily unsend messages on WhatsApp. Previously, WhatsApp only allowed you to unsend a message from your end until a few minutes. Now, this feature has been extended to two days. So you will have the option to delete WhatsApp Messages for everyone up until the second day.

The process of getting rid of your messages is demonstrated below:

1. Go to a chat box.

Can I Unsend WhatsApp Messages?

Either choose a text that has been sent before two days or send a new message to check whether it is possible or not.

2. Press on the chat and click on the delete icon.

Can I Unsend WhatsApp Messages?

3. Select ‘Delete for everyone‘.

Can I Unsend WhatsApp Messages?

Thus, you can see that the message you sent is no longer there. You can also do the same for messages sent by others and select ‘Delete for me‘ to delete specific messages from your sight.


Will People Know If I Delete My Message?

Yes, people will know that you have deleted your message. They might not be able to see the actual message but instead will see a note that says ‘You deleted this message.’ indicating that the sender has removed previous text.

Can I Recover Deleted Messages on WhatsApp?

Yes, it is possible to recover deleted messages on WhatsApp. However, this can only be done if the backup on WhatsApp has been enabled. If you had refused backup for your WhatsApp then you will not be able to retrieve once deleted message.


Though it is great to have a social life and interact with people through WhatsApp, sometimes it is for the best to delete WhatsApp messages and wind back. Knowing ways to delete messages will not only enable you to keep negative things out of your sight, but it can also help you declutter your inbox. We hope this was a helpful article. Let us know if you have any queries.

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