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How to Delete Whatsapp Contact?

As you know, WhatsApp asks you to have access to your phone contacts list for your best experience. What if you have contacts saved whose WhatsApp accounts you do not need because you won’t be contacting them whatsoever?

It would make your WhatsApp contact list cluttered with contacts that you just don’t need on the app. This is why we are going to teach you how to delete Whatsapp contact.

Now, did you know that if you were to delete Whatsapp contact, then you’d be deleting the contact from your phone contacts too?

If that is not an issue, then let’s see how to delete Whatsapp contact.

How to Delete Whatsapp Contact?

You can delete Whatsapp contacts from an android or iOS device. As of now, you cannot delete a Whatsapp contact from a PC because WhatsApp web runs in a session every time you connect your phone’s account to WhatsApp web.

You’d also have to export WhatsApp’s contacts on your PC to even begin deleting them. So, we will be discussing how to delete Whatsapp contact on android and iPhone here.

On Android:

1.     Open WhatsApp and tap ‘Chat’.

How to Delete Whatsapp Contact

2.     Click on the contact you want to delete.

How to Delete Whatsapp Contact

3.     Tap their name to open their contact details.

Tap the contact's name and open their contact detail

4.     Click the three vertical dots and tap ‘View in address book’.

Click the three vertical dots and tap ‘View in address book'

5.     Press Delete Contact and then confirm the deletion.

Press Delete Contact and then confirm the deletion

On iPhone:

The difference on iPhone is that you do not have a ‘view in address book’ option but you get to delete the contact directly. You do the same thing as you did on Android until you open the contact details of the WhatsApp account you want to delete.

You then press Edit to enable editing the contact and press Delete Contact and then confirm it.


If you’ve deleted the contact from WhatsApp but can still see the contact, you just have to refresh your WhatsApp contact list. To refresh your WhatsApp contact list just in case your deleted contact shows, you have to:

1.     Open WhatsApp and tap ‘Chat’.

Open WhatsApp and go to ‘Chat'

2.     Click the three vertical dots and tap Refresh.

Click the three vertical dots and tap Refresh

What happens when you delete a WhatsApp contact?

If the contact appears on your chatbox, then deleting the contact isn’t going to delete the chat history you have with them. But instead of their name, you would only see their number and their profile picture

Simultaneously, if you’ve deleted a WhatsApp contact and your WhatsApp privacy settings for your profile picture are set to ‘My Contacts’, then the deleted contact will not see your profile picture. So, if you have mutual friends and they cross-check, you might get caught.

How do I know if someone deleted me from their contact list?

If you cannot see the contact’s profile photo, status, or their last seen time, then they deleted you from their contact list and set their settings visibility to My Contacts. They could’ve still removed you from their contact list and kept their visibility settings to Everyone.

And, if you cannot text them at all, then chances are they blocked you.

Can a deleted contact text me?

Yes, they can. You cannot remove your contact from their device when you delete their contact on your phone. So, if they still have your number, then they can contact you.

The messaging can stop completely only when you block them, if not mute them. But muting doesn’t prevent the calls. That is why, if you want no contact, then blocking them is the final step.


WhatsApp uses your saved contact addresses to give you the best user experience, but it can get pretty hectic when you have all sorts of numbers saved and you do not need to be in touch on WhatsApp with them.

So, knowing how to delete Whatsapp Contacts helps you keep your contacts updated while removing them from your phone contacts too.

Share with us in the comments if you’ve had seen an unexpected contact on WhatsApp before. What was your reaction?

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