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How to Delete Telegram Contacts?

Telegram is a free instant messaging that allows creating groups for up to 200,000 people or channels, and not to forget individual messaging for your contacts. With a focus on speed and security, this simple messaging and calling app can be used at the same time on all your devices.

If your messages get synced as quickly as you send the message through Telegram, this syncing also extends to your contact lists. Since you opened this article to find out how to delete Telegram contacts, we will tell you just how.

Does deleting Telegram Contacts delete it from my phone contact?

No. If you delete your Telegram contact and you’ve chatted with them, you can still find your chat box with them. You’d have to delete their synced contact information from Telegram’s cloud server and your phone contact to re-sync your Telegram contacts so you don’t find the contact re-appearing on your home page.

How to Delete Telegram Contacts?

Telegram Contacts are different from your regular contacts because your contacts get saved on Telegram’s cloud server and vice-versa. So, even if you delete the contact from the app, it will still be in the cloud-sync.

Log in with your account if you haven’t already first. Then, follow the steps below to successfully delete Telegram contacts:

On Android

You can use this exact procedure to delete a single contact from a PC.

1. Open the Telegram app and click on the three horizontal lines.

2. Go to Contacts and select the contact you want to delete.

How to Delete Telegram Contacts

3. Click on their name to open their contact details.

4. Click three vertical dots and press “Delete contact”.

How to Delete Telegram Contacts

5. Click Delete.

On iPhone

If you open the Telegram app and go to Contacts, you will find the Search bar. Then, you have to search for the contact you want to delete. After that, click on their name to open their contact details. Then, press Edit and then click “Delete contact”. The last thing to do is to click Delete.

And you are done.

Did you disable “Sync Contacts” on Telegram?

Without disabling Sync Contacts, your deleted contacts from Telegram and your phone contact will appear on Telegram again.

This is how you do it On Android:

1. Open the Telegram app and go to Settings.

Disable Sync Contacts on Telegram on Android

2. Go to Privacy and Settings and disable Sync Contacts.

3. Press “Delete Synced Contacts”.

Disable Sync Contacts on Telegram on Android

4. Click Delete.

Note: You might delete their contact detail on your Android device, but the chat remains. So, don’t forget to delete this chat history, their contact detail on your phone and on Telegram’s cloud-server too.

To do the same thing On iPhone, you just open the Telegram app and go to Settings. Then go to Contacts and then to Privacy and Settings. After that, you have to disable “Sync Contacts”. And you are done.

Deleting a Telegram contact from your iPhone will delete their contact from your phone’s contact list. Otherwise, Telegram contacts can be automatically downloaded and you will see the deleted contacts once again.

You could also remove all the unnecessary contacts from your phone list and do the syncing process to further declutter the contacts you do not want or need.

How can I delete multiple contacts?

In 2021, sadly you cannot delete multiple contacts at once. You could use Telegram’s web version to do it before, but recently that feature has been disabled. But you can still delete multiple conversations anywhere: on your phone or your desktop.

You can only delete contacts one by one.


So, this is how to delete Telegram Contacts. If you forget to press Sync Contacts when you are trying to delete the synced account, your Telegram account and phone contacts will sync again, so be careful with that.

We hope you learned how to delete Telegram contacts through this article.

Let us know in the comments which device do you use Telegram from.

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