How to Delete Recently Played on Spotify?

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How to Delete Recently Played on Spotify?

Spotify is one of the biggest and most popular music streaming platforms worldwide. This platform allows its users to play music of all the famous artists for free or with a premium package. In addition to this, you as well as your followers can also access the songs that you played recently. So why to delete recently played on Spotify?

The recently played songs and podcasts being visible to friends and family may feel like an invasion of privacy to some people. This shows everyone your music preference and what you are generally into. If you are someone who does not like this and wants to keep your personal preferences to yourself and not have people discover them, you can delete recently played on Spotify.

If you are unaware of how to do so, worry no more because, in this article, we will teach you how to solve your problem.

How to Delete Recently Played on Spotify?

You can only delete recently played on Spotify by using the desktop version of the Spotify app. The web version and the mobile application do not provide you with this feature to delete the recently played. But, deleting it from the desktop ensures that the recently played of that Spotify account is deleted on all platforms. To delete recently played on Spotify, follow the given steps:

1. Download Spotify for desktop.

2. If you have already downloaded it, open the app.

3. Click on ‘Your Library‘.

How to Delete Recently Played on Spotify?

4. Tap on the ‘Drop-Down‘ menu.

How to Delete Recently Played on Spotify?

5. Click on ‘Recently Played‘.

How to Delete Recently Played on Spotify?

6. A list of your recently played playlists appears. hover around them.

7. Click on the ‘Three dots‘ option.

8. Click on the ‘Remove From Recently Played‘ button.

9. As soon as you click it, the playlist will disappear from your recently played option.

In this way, you can easily delete recently played from Spotify.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Recently Played on Spotify?

Recently played in the compilation of the songs you have listed to till now. This feature makes finding songs very easy and is effective if you want to listen to the same music again and again. But as every one of your followers can access it and you feel like your privacy is being invaded, you can delete recently played on Spotify.

Not just this, your friends can also access your Playlists on Spotify which might feel like an invasion of privacy to you. In those cases, you can make the playlist private as well to ensure maximum privacy. Click here to learn more: How to Make Spotify Playlist Private?

How to Delete Podcast Episode on Spotify?

To delete Podcast episodes on Spotify, open the episode you want to delete. Click on the ‘Three dots’ that is at the top right corner and then tap ‘Delete’. The episode will get deleted.

How to Clear History on Spotify?

To clear the search history on Spotify, open the Spotify app on either phone or web app. Click the search button and tap on the ‘X’ sign beside the searches or, click on ‘clear recent searches’ to delete all of the search history.

Can I download music from Spotify?

No, you cannot. Spotify does allow you to listen to music offline if you have a premium version. But, it does not let you to necessarily download music to your phones.

Also, when you stop paying for the premium account, you cannot play the songs offline as well.

How do I find people and friends on Spotify?

To search for your friends as people, go to the search bar and enter their username or name. When their accounts pop up, tap on ‘Follow’. You can also connect Spotify to your Facebook account and add friends through it.


Hence, you can easily delete recently played on Spotify by using the steps mentioned above. As this feature is not available on phone version and the web version, please do download the desktop app and access it as it will save your time and energy.

Hope this article was helpful and cleared your doubts. Feel free to leave comments in case of any queries.

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