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How to Delete Instagram Comments?

Instagram is one of the most trending and popular social media platforms worldwide. This social media app has always been famous for posting pictures since the very beginning. Along with this, this platform also allows its users to receive as well as leave comments on their posts and others as well. But what if a comment you post or receive is not to your liking?

In 2013, Instagram introduced to its platform, a feature that allows you to delete Instagram comments of your own as well as other people’s when you are not happy with it. Social media may stay forever and letting a comment with a typo or an unpleasant message stay on the internet for eternity might not be your personality. In those situations, you can easily delete Instagram comments.

If you are new to Instagram or are having problem figuring out how to delete Instagram comments, you have come to the right place because in this article, you will learn how to solve this problem.

How to Delete Instagram Comments?

The process to delete comments on Instagram is very easy. But, remember that you can only delete the comments that you have left on a certain post or, that your friends have left in your post. This means that you cannot delete other people’s comments they have left on other different posts that are not yours. You can delete comments on Instagram by:

1. Using Phones

2. Using Desktop

1. Using Phones

To delete comments on Instagram using phone, follow the mentioned steps:

1. Open Instagram app and log into your account.

2. Open the post whose comments you wish to delete.

How to Delete Instagram Comments?

3. Click on the ‘Comment’ icon.

How to Delete Instagram Comments?

4. For Android, hold the comment with your finger for a few seconds till a pop-up bar appears. Click on ‘Trash’ icon.

How to Delete Instagram Comments?

AND For iPhone, swipe the comment to the left and click on ‘Trash’ icon.

In this way, you can delete Instagram comments using Instagram app.

2. Using Desktop

To delete Instagram comments using desktop/Instagram web, follow these steps:

1. Open Instagram on web and log into your account.

2. Open the post you want to delete comments from.

How to Delete Instagram Comments?

3. Hover your cursor around the comment you want to delete. Click on the ‘Three dots’ icon.

How to Delete Instagram Comments?

4. Tap on ‘Delete’.

How to Delete Instagram Comments?

5. The comment gets deleted.

How to Delete Instagram Comments?

In this way, you can delete Instagram comments using Instagram web.

The steps listed above when using phone and web are applicable when you are trying to delete other’s comments from your post and also when you are trying to remove your comments from other people’s post.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I turn off comments for my Instagram post?

Yes, you can turn off comments for a post you have uploaded on Instagram. To do so, open the post and click on the top right ‘Three dots’ icon and then select ‘Turn off commenting’. Once you do this, no one can comment on that Instagram post.

Can I delete all comments on Instagram?

Yes, you can. All the comments from Instagram post can be deleted but, you will have to do it one by one manually. This is because Instagram does not yet provide a built in feature to allow you to delete Instagram comments all at once.

Can I edit Instagram Comments?

Unfortunately, you cannot. If you wish to make changes to the comments you have posted, you will have to delete the comment first and resend it again with changes. Or just write a new one additionally. Read more about this on: How to Edit Comment on Instagram?

Can Instagram comment be un-deleted?

If you manage to undo the deletion immediately within a few seconds you can recover the comment. Otherwise no, once you delete a comment on Instagram, it cannot be undone. Instead, you can retype the comment and post it again.

Will the person get notified when you delete their Instagram comments?

Absolutely not. Instagram does not notify any user if their comment has been deleted from a certain post. The only way they will acknowledge so is if they go and try finding their comments on the post and not discover it.

Can I delete comments on other people’s posts?

If the comment is yours, yes you can delete it and ever add a new one if you like. But, if you are trying to delete someone else’s comment, you will not be allowed to do so.

How to block comments from someone?

To block someone from commenting on your Instagram post, click on Profile>Hamburger icon>Settings>Privacy>Comments>Block Comments From. Select the people whom you want to block from commenting on your posts.

This will still allow those people to comment. But, their comments will be visible to no one except themselves.

Can I Hide Instagram comments?

No, Instagram does not provide any feature like Facebook that allows you to hide comments. So, your best solution will be to either delete those comments or turn off commenting for that post if you don’t want anyone to see them.


Hence, by following the steps mentioned above, you can delete Instagram comments. Remember that you can only delete comments you have posted or the ones on your post. Also, if you do not want to face the burden of deleting every comments or want a break from them, it is better to turn off commenting rather than deleting them manually.

Hope this article was helpful and cleared your doubts and now you can delete Instagram comments without any problem. Feel free to leave comments in case of any queries.

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