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How To Delete All Likes On Twitter in 2023?

Twitter is one of the social networking sites which is very popular nowadays. Twitter allows you to make tweets and retweet the tweets of others. Sometimes you may want to delete all likes on Twitter. You can also delete all the retweets. If you want to get the answer for how to do so, read the full article. Once you read this article, you can easily delete your likes and retweets on Twitter. 

When Should you Delete Likes on Twitter?

Sometimes you would want to delete all your likes for various reasons. If you do not want to associate yourself with different people and ideas you may want to delete the likes. There are a couple of methods to do the same.

How To Delete All Likes On Twitter?

There are different methods you can delete likes. Some of the methods are manual whereas some are automated. You can use the manual method for free. The automated method may require you to purchase the paid version. Let us look at the different ways:

Method 1: Using Twitter Manually

1. Log in to your account and click on the Likes tab in your profile.

You can manually delete all likes on Twitter

3. Unlike the tweets which you want to delete.

This is one of the ways to delete likes on Twitter. However, the manual method takes a very long time to delete the likes. You can also use this manual method from your phone. Let us look at other automotive alternatives to delete all likes on Twitter.

Method 2: Without Using Third-Party Apps

1. Open Twitter on Google Chrome, sign in, and click the Likes tab.

2. Copy this code from Github.

3. Right-click on your likes page and click on the Console tab.

4. Paste the copied code and hit Enter.

This way you can delete all like on Twitter without using third-party apps but a simple code from Github. You can do this only from Google Chrome. Let us now look at the next few methods are by using various third-party apps.

You can delete all likes on Twitter by using this code

Method 3: Using Third-Party Apps Like Circle Boom

1. Login to Circle Boom and authenticate your account with Twitter.

2. Click on Menu on left and select My Tweets and then tap Unlike.

3. Select the specific tweets to delete like or click on, Unlike All.

You can delete all likes on Twitter using third-party apps such as Circleboom

This is the easiest way to delete all likes on Twitter using third-party apps. Circle Boom, however, is a paid application. You can download this application from the apple store as well. The free applications do not provide you with the features to delete your likes.

How do I delete more than 3200 likes on Twitter?

In order to delete more than 3200 likes, you should purchase third-party applications. Third-party applications such as Circle Boom and Twitter Archive Eraser allow you to do so. The premium version can help you delete more than 3200 likes.

How do I delete all likes on Twitter along with retweets?

You can undo retweets for manual deletion of retweets. You can also use the premium version of above mentioned third-party apps for the same. The process is similar to deleting all likes on Twitter.


Hence you can easily delete the likes on Twitter. You can do it with the help of different third-party apps or simply by following the steps given above. Thank you for reading the article. We hope you got your answer on how to delete all likes on Twitter. Please do share this article with your friends and help us grow. If you have any queries or comments do leave them in the comment box.

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