How to Delete a Highlight on Instagram?

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How to Delete a Highlight on Instagram

Want to customize your Instagram feed? Want to delete the highlight that has been on your feed for far too long? Here we show you how you can easily delete a highlight on Instagram.

Is Instagram Highlight same as Instagram Story?

The answer is YES. Instagram has great features and allows you to share behind the scenes of your daily life through your stories. While posting a part of your personal life in the form of photos and videos can be intimidating, it also gives life to your profile.

The good thing about the Instagram story is that it’s temporary. It will disappear after 24 hours and you will not have an inch of regret left. But there might be some memories that you want to keep in your feed for a certain time. That is when Instagram Highlights plays a role. Instagram Highlight is a semi-permanent form of your stories.

You can also edit and delete Instagram highlights as you wish.

How to Delete a Highlight on Instagram?

Putting a highlight on Instagram is a well-liked feature of Instagram. But at times we might have to delete a highlight on Instagram. We can manually delete highlights on Instagram by following methods.

1. Open Instagram.

2. Go to your Profile.

3. Press the highlight you want to delete.

How to Delete a Highlight on Instagram

4. Select “Delete Highlight“.

How to Delete a Highlight on Instagram

Now you can delete a highlight on Instagram as a whole. However, if you just want to remove a specific Instagram highlight, you can follow these steps.

1. Go to your Instagram profile.

3. Click the highlight.

How to Delete a Highlight on Instagram

4. Select the menu option.

How to Delete a Highlight on Instagram

5. Click “Remove from Highlight“.

How to Delete a Highlight on Instagram

How to Add a Highlight on Instagram?

As opposed to removing Instagram Highlight, we will also show you a quick and easy way to add a highlight on Instagram. Instagram Highlight is a way to let your potential followers have a sneak peek at your life. Since you have highlights showing directly on your feed.

1. Open your Instagram Profile.

3. Click on “New“.

Add a new highlight

Select the stories from your archive. You can scroll to your first story or your recent one and add them to your highlight.

4. Press “Next“.

You can also customize your highlight as you wish.

Can you Edit Highlights on Instagram?

Yes, you can edit highlights on Instagram. In fact, it is a relatively easy process and in no time you can customize your highlight in accordance with your style and taste. Editing Instagram highlights will also help your audience get a more clear idea of what your highlight is about. Follow the steps given below to edit highlights on Instagram.

1. Open Instagram.

2. Go to your Profile.

3. Press the Highlight.

Select the Highlight

4. Select “Edit Highlight“.

edit Highlight

You will be directed to an interface where you can change the highlighted name and edit the cover as well.

Adding “Title” relevant to the story will make it more appealing to the audience. It will let the followers know what kind of pictures and videos does the highlight consists of. People use Instagram trendy words such as “Foodie” to post Highlights of the foods they like. You can also add playful emojis to make it attractive.

Edit Cover” will help you choose a striking picture as a cover for your Highlights. You can choose aesthetic pictures from “Pinterest” to find pleasing pictures for your Highlight cover.

Edit Title and Cover

5. Click “Done“.


There you have it a perfectly curated and customized Instagram Highlight just as you prefer. We guided you through the process to delete a highlight on Instagram. Also ways to add and edit a highlight for added reference. We hope this was a helpful article.

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