How to Create Whiteboard Animation Video on Android?

Are you willing to make an illustrative video? Do you want to create an animated video on an android phone? No problem, we are here to provide the answer of such questions. This article is about how to create handmade whiteboard animation video on android.

Millions of people are on social media and want to post the business policies, working system and information on a topic. For this, they need simple and easy way so that they can make the good quality influential video in short time. In this article we’ll know this process. Obviously, it is quite easy and hope you enjoy it.

There are a number of applications that serve you to make animated videos. However, here, we will be talking about an app called ‘Benime’. Using this app, we can easily make whiteboard animation video. Even a small child or an illiterate person can use this app smoothly. Before going to the tutorial steps, allow me to put forward some necessary information.

Why animation in a video?

  • People can live the concept.
  • The points can be explained in the context. Audience can have clarity about the concepts.
  • Abstract ideas can visually be presented.
  • Not so complicated process.
  • Such videos are quite visual.
  • Psychologically appealing.
  • No budget problem as it is quite cost-effective.

What is animation?

Animation is the manipulation or simulation of movement created by the pictures. Today, people prefer using animation in a video to the static images. It is quite eye-catching and helps the audience to grab the message easily and for long time. CGI is one of the technologies used for making animated videos. Also, we have 3D and 2D animation.

Animation is not merely what people generally know about. Animation is prevalent in video games, visual effects, user interfaces and motion graphics apart from featured films and short films. Also, it is used in various fields for different purposes. Among which, storytelling, cartoons and informative videos are some of the common fields.

What is ‘Benime’ app?

Benime app is an amazing app that you can use to make an animated video by using the built-in assets. Here, you can make the desired video as the app is user friendly and quite flexible. You can get the app on Google play store. The app contains Ads and offers in-app purchases.

Click here to download the app from google play store.

The features of the app are mentioned below.

Key Features:

  • Modern user interface and simple design
  • Add background music and voice over
  • Import custom SVG, animation and images from local storage
  • Support GIF images
  • Select different hands
  • Instant preview feature
  • Inbuilt video assets
  • Customize text size, alignment, colour, style
  • Background colour and image to the page
  • Offline video rendering up to 1080 pixels
  • No limitation for the number of videos to create

How to create whiteboard animation video?

Before going to the step by step procedure, you must be clear that we are going to carry out the steps through Benime app. So, you need to have the app on your phone. If you don’t, you can click on the link that I have already mentioned above.

Let’s see how to create whiteboard animation video on android phone.

  1. Install the app and open it.
benime - whiteboard aimation creator

2. Click on the ‘+’ (plus) symbol to create the video.

create video

3. Enter the title and select the desired quality of the video. Then click on CREATE MOVIE.

quality and name of video

4. You will get the blank slide where you can make the desired changes. Click on Text option to enter the text.

blank slide

5. Enter the text you want and tap on INSERT option.

insert name for video

6. You can change the size of the text by swiping to the right and left on the size line. Similarly, you can change the colour of the text by clicking on the colour option.

change size and colour of text

7. The app also provides you the option of changing hand. You can do this by clicking on the hand option.

hand changing

8. To change the background colour, you can click on the BG option. Also, you can return to the previous colour by following same step.

background colour change

9. To insert some pictures, drawings, characters, or such stuff, click on ‘sticker’ option at the bottom left (you can find it in the image above). Slide to the right at the top to select the image or icon you want to insert. Here, we are going to select some characters. However, you can select of your own. (Some assets may not be available as this is not a premium app.)

clip arts in benime app

Continuing the options, you will find the characters as the last option.

clip arts for animation

10. If/when you want to insert another slide, simply click on the ‘+’ button at the bottom right. Then you can follow the same steps mentioned above to bring the changes.

new slide

11. After you are finished with the images and text, it’s time for the music or voiceover. You can tap on any one of the two options namely Music Tracks and Voice over.

voice over

12. As you have finished doing all this, click on the save icon at the top right and then tap on ‘yes’.

save video

13. Type the name for the created video and click on MAKE MOVIE. The video will go to the rendering mode and after this short process, you will get the option of PLAY MOVIE and SHARE MOVIE. You can select either of the options as you wish.

rendering video

Some more options:

As you click on the Sticker option, you will further see some options that allows you to insert clip arts like pictures, icons and other local files from your device. You will get namely five options – Add Images, Add SVG, Animation, GIPHY, Unsplash.

clip arts

We are precisely going to throw some light on each of these.

  • Add Images: On clicking this option, you can add the images stored on your phone.
  • Add SVG: This option also allows you to add the SVG (scalable vector graphic) files from your device.
  • Animation: Using this option, you can add the animation if you have on your phone.
  • GIPHY: This option has various features. You can have a look at the images below.
  • Unsplash: Clicking on this option, you can add the images from Unsplash.

Final words:

Thus, in this article, you came to know about how to create whiteboard animation video on an android phone using ‘Benime’ app. Though you find that the article seems to be lengthy, it is to put forward every minute steps so that you can use the features in an easy and simple way. Hope this article was helpful for you. Stay tuned for such useful articles.

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