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How to Create a Hyperlink in Gmail?

A hyperlink is a helpful tool in Gmail; whether you are sending an article to your boss or emailing a friend about a new restaurant. In this article, we’ll show you how to create a hyperlink in Gmail.

It’s simple to hyperlink text in a Gmail draft, whether you’re adding a link to a restaurant recommendation, a photo album, or an article.

Can I Hyperlink on Gmail App?

Hyperlinks are a simple method to include a clickable link in a piece of text without having to display the entire URL. While it is undeniable that hyperlinks are one of the most useful features, unfortunately, hyperlinking is not currently supported in the Gmail app.

To create a hyperlink in Gmail, you must first open it in a browser, preferably on a computer or laptop.

How To Create A Hyperlink In Gmail?

Including a hyperlink in an email is a nice and brief method of giving your reader a link to click on without taking up extra space with long URLs. Thankfully, Gmail makes it simple to embed hyperlinks into text, photos, and even GIFs. Follow these steps to create a hyperlink in Gmail.

Hyperlinking A Text:

1. Open Gmail and click on “Compose”.

2. Type in the phrase is to become a hyperlink.

3. Highlight the text.

4. Go to the task bar located at the bottom of the window and click the hyperlink icon.

Create A Hyperlink In Gmail

5. Alternatively, you can click on Ctrl + K.

6. Copy the Web address, selected.

7. Paste the link in the URL link box, click web address and then click OK.

Create A Hyperlink In Gmail

Hyperlinking an Image:

1. Open Gmail and click on “Compose”.

2. Click the Insert picture icon.

Create A Hyperlink In Gmail

4. Upload the picture.

5. Highlight the picture, then click the hyperlink icon.

6. Click Change in the toolbar beneath the image.

7. Insert the URL you want to link to and press OK.

Create A Hyperlink In Gmail

When text is used as a hyperlink, it is often highlighted and coloured differently.

By completing these steps, you will have successfully added a hyperlink to your email.

How To Remove/Change a Hyperlink?

There might be an instance when you insert a wrong hyperlink to a wrong email. On such occasions, it is necessary that you should remove or change the inserted hyperlink.

To remove a hyper from a phrase or a word or an image, follow these steps:

To remove a hyperlink:

1. Click on the text that is hyperlinked.

2. To remove it, click on the hyperlink icon.

To change a hyperlink:

1. Click on the text that is hyperlinked.

2. To change it, click on the hyperlinked text and click on change.

Adding hyperlinks to your messages is a simple way to make them appear more professional. In addition to this, it also shortens your email.


Do try these methods to include hyperlinks in your email as hyperlinks make your messaging more entertaining, allowing you to attract customers’ or clients’ attention.

We hope this article was helpful for you. Do let us know your comments and reviews in the chatbox!

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