How to Control your Phone Calls with your Voice Command?

Often when driving or while you are busy on any other work, using your phone directly it can create a disturbance. Busy professionals and employees to place phone calls while driving can particularly benefit from this technology. You can Control your Phone Calls with your Voice Command easily.

Voice-enabled technology is a very useful innovation. Its popularity is growing across all platforms in healthcare, social media, education, and travel. Users prefer voice control because it’s faster than typing and can be used hands-free, which is useful in busy households and while driving.

Voice control makes these operations just so much easier and faster. Here are just a couple of reasons why people love it:

  • Hands-free – can be used while driving, vacuum cleaning the house, making dinner or by people with limited hand mobility;
  • Fast – people that live fast know that making a quick call takes way less time than typing a long email and waiting for a response. It’s the same with voice control – you cut down on all the clicks by using speech recognition;
  • Simple – the accessibility of voice control is just incredible, anyone can use it without any technical skills;
  • Cross-platform and multilingual – voice control can be used from any device, whether it’s iOS or Android, and in any language.

Follow these steps to learn to Control your Phone Calls with your Voice Command

1. Open the Play store and search ‘Vani-your personal voice assistant’ and install it.

2. Open the app tap on the ‘Next’ button and then ‘start’ to open the app.

3. Set the Vani app as your default app and allow permission to display it over other apps.

4. Give all the required permission including ‘Media access’ and ‘Notification access.’

5. Tap on the menu option on the top left corner and then click on settings to change your voice command.

6. Select the command you want to change and tap on ‘Add the word’ and record the voice you want to use.

You are all done using your voice command. Now, you can control your Voice your Phone Calls easily with your selected command.

A video illustration of the voice control command.

A video illustrating the voice control for controlling calls.

I hope this article was helpful to you. If you have any queries regarding this, do comment on us.

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