How to Clear Instagram Cache?

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How to Clear Instagram Cache

Instagram is one of the most prominent social networking services that was launched back in 2010. Since then, the number of users operating the app has only increased with every passing day. The incorporation of new technology to create a user-friendly experience has helped Instagram gain extreme success and popularity. One such method of creating a user-friendly interface is through the use of cache.

The Instagram cache is a feature on Instagram that stores recently viewed posts and videos so that you can access them faster the next time you want to view these posts. It improves the performance and accessibility speed of the applications. If it has such great advantages, what is the need to clear Instagram cache? Read this article till the end to learn more!

How to Clear Instagram Cache?

Despite the great advantages that the Instagram cache possesses, it is essential to remember that as the cache is filled with more data it makes our application slow. The data stored in the cache takes up large storage space on our device making our device run out of free space. To eradicate these inconveniences, it is essential to clear the Instagram cache. In this article, we will learn ways to clear Instagram cache on mobile phones.

Clear Instagram Cache on Android Phones

1. Click on the setting folder of your phone.

2. Tap on the ‘Apps‘ section.

3. Under the ‘All Apps‘ category, scroll down and tap on Instagram.

How to Clear Instagram Cache

4. Tap on the ‘Storage‘ option.

How to Clear Instagram Cache

5. Tap on the ‘Clear Cache‘ button.

How to Clear Instagram Cache

Clear Instagram Cache on iPhone

To remove the Instagram cache on iPhone , you cannot directly remove the cache, you have to delete or remove the entire app and reinstall it.

1. Tap on the ‘Instagram icon‘ located on your Home screen until a drop-down menu appears.

2. Tap on the ‘Remove App‘ option.

3. Confirm that you want to delete the app.


Why is it important to clear the cache?

The Instagram cache consists of temporary files like search histories, photos, and videos which decreases access time next time we try to view it. But when a large amount of data is stored under the cache, it makes the device slow. The Instagram cache uses the storage of our device to store these temporary files. Deleting the cache will free up some space on our device.

Clear Data V/S Clear Cache?

Your phone will give you two options: Clear Data and Clear Cache. What is the best? It entirely depends on the need of the user.

The clear cache will remove temporary files making no such major change. Clear data brings a more serious change, it will set your app to a position when it is first installed. You have to log in your credentials while logging in for the first time, and grant permissions after clearing data. There is no such thing as a better alternative. Both have different purposes.

How to Clear Instagram Cache Through PC?

Clearing cache through PC is a little different. Strictly speaking, you cannot directly clear the Instagram cache using a PC. Although PC can’t be sued to clear Instagram cache, we can clear search history, one of the components that are stored under the Instagram cache. To clear search history, follow these simple and easy steps listed below:

1. Click on your Display picture and then on the ‘Profile‘ section.

2. Click on the ‘Privacy and Security‘ button.

3. Click ‘View Account Data‘ under the ‘Account Data‘ section.

4. Click on ‘View All’ under the ‘Search History‘ subsection.

5. Under the ‘Search History‘, click on the ‘Clear Search History‘ option.

6. A new dialogue box appears, click on the ‘Clear All‘ option to confirm.

Will Clearing Instagram Cache Delete Photos/Videos?

No, deleting photos/videos require you to delete and remove them specifically. Clearing Instagram cache will only delete temporary files from the Instagram app. It will not affect the photos/ videos you’ve posted/ downloaded or saved.


By following these simple steps, you may clear Instagram cache on your phone and clear the search history of Instagram on your PC. If you found this article helpful, let us know through the comments. If you want to provide some suggestions, do write to us. Kindly, share our article if you think this might turn out to be super helpful to people you know.

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