How to Change YouTube Email?

YouTube is a platform most people are aware of. People with different hobbies and interests can all come together to want or make videos of any type on this platform. However, to establish your identity you must also have valid contact information. If at any time you forgot your email address, you can change YouTube email to the current one.

This can also come in handy if you want to separate your personal account and business account. Simply set up a business account and change YouTube email so brands or possible audiences will have no trouble reaching out to you. Maintaining relevant contact information helps you take charge of your account as well.

Thus, in this article, we will talk in-depth about the possible ways users from different email providers can take to change YouTube email.

How to Change YouTube Email?

Unfortunately, you can only change YouTube email if your mail account is not Gmail. If your email account is linked with your Gmail account, it will be almost impossible to change the mail associated with YouTube. However, if your YouTube is linked with other mail platforms such as Hotmail, Outlook, etc., you can easily change YouTube email.

You can follow the steps demonstrated below to complete the process.

1. Open YouTube.

2. Click on your profile.

How to Change YouTube Email?

You can find this at the top right corner of your YouTube feed.

3. Go to ‘Manage Your Google Account‘.

How to Change YouTube Email?

4. Select ‘Personal Info‘.

How to Change YouTube Email?

You can find personal details about yourself that you have provided to Google.

5. Under Contact Info tap on ‘Email‘.

How to Change YouTube Email?

From there on, you can edit your email address if it’s not a Gmail account.

How to Change YouTube Email?

6. Enter a new mail and click ‘Save‘ to confirm.

You can go to your mailbox if the process includes verification. As we have mentioned earlier, if it happens to be a Gmail account you won’t see an option to edit the mail. This way you can change YouTube email.

How to Change YouTube Email for Gmail?

Though you cannot entirely change your YouTube Gmail account, there is an option for you to either add a new account as an alternative account to your existing YouTube. You can then proceed to switch accounts at any time and get a new email associated with your YouTube. When you open the Personal Info page. You can go to your Email.

There you can see the option ‘Add alternate email‘. Then you can proceed with an existing spare account you have and connect with this one.

How to Change YouTube Email for Gmail?

Another method is to create a new Gmail account. When you create a new account, you will have a new YouTube channel you can browse through.

How to Change YouTube Email for Gmail?

This way you will no longer need to change YouTube email. While creating the new account you can make one as a business account to set up a more professional look.

Can You Change Your YouTube Profile Picture?

Yes, you can easily change your profile picture on YouTube. It is essential to have a profile picture that people will recognize. Using your image might also help gain engagement as people can see who you are. You can simply go to your channel setting and customize your channel profile as you want. We recommend you go through our article ‘How to Change YouTube Profile Picture‘ to get a full idea of the process.


You can browse YouTube leisurely but also make a career by creating YouTube videos. If you want to set up a professional-looking account, you will need to change your YouTube email to an account where possible collaborators can easily contact you. However, you may also face issues while making changes on your YouTube account and you can go through this article to solve them. We hope this was a helpful video and let us know if you have any queries.

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