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How to Change your Age on Discord?

Discord is a great place to simply talk to your friends, hang out with them, even watch movies and play games. It also provides you options to change your personal settings any way you want but, it does not provide you with the direct option to change your age on Discord. Even though it doesn’t, you are still able to do so.

In Discord, the minimum age requirement to create an account is 13. But, Discord provides thousands of servers and communities that you cannot join until you turn 18 because they are NSFW (Not Safe for Work). So if there are any cases when you entered the wrong date of birth and want to change it to your appropriate age, you have to fulfil a series of requirements in Discord.

How to Change your Age on Discord?

Verifying your age on Discord is quite long and complex as you will have to submit a request to Discord, fill in your birth date and also require to send a picture of you holding your id. This is the only way to change your age on Discord as it will have to make sure that no children under 18 are exposed to the communities that they should not be a part of. The steps to follow to change your age on Discord are:

1. Submit a Request

2. Fill in your Date of Birth

3. Attach a photo of you holding your ID.

1. Submit a Request

To submit a request in order to change your age on Discord:

1. Open Discord and click on your ‘Profile icon‘.

How to change your age on Discord?

2. Scroll down to ‘Support’ and go to ‘Submit your Request’.

How to change your age on Discord?

3. Click on What can we help you with dropdown menu and select ‘Trust and Safety’.

4. Enter your email address and click on ‘How can we help?’ option.

5. Tap on the ‘appeals, age update, other questions’ option.

How to change your age on Discord?

2. Fill in Your Date of Birth

Once you have completed submitting a request, follow these steps:

1. Click on ‘Update my age Information’ option.

Change your age on Discord

2. Update your real Date of Birth.

How to change your age on Discord?

3. Add in a subject line and also write the description of you setting your age wrong and wanting to change it.

How to change your age on Discord?

3. Attach a photo of you holding your ID

Take a photo of yourself holding your ID and discord tag clearly.

1. Make sure that the ID shows your date of birth that you have mentioned in the request.

2. Click on ‘add file’.

Change your age on Discord

3. Add your picture.

4. Click on ‘Submit’.

Before clicking submit, make sure that you have ticked in the little box above subject to notify that you have mentioned all of your required information.

How to Change your Age on Discord without Verification?

There is only one way to change age on Discord without verification and that is by creating a new Discord account. For safety reasons and to make sure that children are not able to access the NSFW (Not Safe for Work) servers, this age policy of Discord is very strict. So, if you do not want to change your age through verification, you can create a new Discord account in such cases.

To do this, you will also have to create a secondary email address to link with the account and set your age as appropriate. Even when you submit a request and do everything, discord may find those things faulty and not update your age. In those cases too, you can do this.

What happens if you try to access NSFW servers despite being Underage?

The children between 13-17 years are not allowed to access NSFW servers by Discord for safety reasons. If you do so and become a part of any such community and anyone who finds it reports your account then, Discord may disable your account. If you are not reported, Discord may not find it out but in case you are, your account will get locked. Then, you will have to go through the age verification process to gain complete control again.


In this way, you can change your age on Discord through both phones and computers. The step of adding your photo with documents is optional but, it is required in order to verify your age. After you have submitted your request, it may take 1-3 business days for Discord to change your age and once it is done, you can easily be a part of many Discord servers.

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