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How to Change the Subject Line in Gmail?

Do you wish to switch the subject of your mail? Are you familiar with the subtle feature Gmail provides to alter the topic of your mail? In this article, we will show you just how easy it is to change the subject line in Gmail.

What is Subject Line in Gmail?

Subject Line is the core part of your mail. When you send an email to a person, the recipients will first notice your subject line. The subject also serves as the title of your mail. You should keep your title short but informative in order to catch the interest of your recipients.

The subject matter should reflect the purpose of your email. That way people will know what you want to write them about beforehand. This also helps study the interest of the receiver. You should try to personalize your subject line to make sure that the reader does not find your mail suspicious.

A lot of times, the heading of the email determines whether the mail is spam mail or not. If you have not personalized or put enough information about your mail in your subject line, there is a high chance of it being discarded as spam mail.

How to Change the Subject Line in Gmail?

Sometimes, the subject of the conversation becomes irrelevant and you need to change the subject line. Instead of starting a whole new thread of conversation, you can simply change the subject line in Gmail with the following steps:

1. Open Gmail.

2. Log into your account.

You will now have to look for the conversation whose title you wish to alter.

3. Go to the “Reply“.

Open Gmail and Reply the conversation

This will open a screen to write the response to your email.

4. Click on the drop down menu.

Click the drop down menu

5. Select “Edit Subject“.

Select Edit subject from the options

This will help you change the subject line in Gmail.

Change the Subject Line in Gmail

However, the change in the subject line will be applied to all of your conversation threads. This might alert the recipient of your mail. Make sure you warn the person before changing the subject to avoid confusion on their end.

Can you Change the Subject Line when Forwarding in Gmail?

Yes, you surely can change the subject line in Gmail while you are forwarding a mail. You can simply forward the mail as you always do and just edit the subject as you go. This will allow you to change the title without any trouble while forwarding the mail. The steps are very similar and easy to follow.

1. Log into your Gmail account.

2. Go to the inbox.

3. Open the conversation thread.

4. Select “Forward“.

Select Forward to forward the mail

5. Click on the drop down menu.

6. Select “Edit Subject“.

Click drop down menu ad select "Edit Subject" from the options.

Now you are welcomed with the screen to change your subject line. This is how you can achieve your goal of altering your subject line without hassle-free.

Write different subject title.


This feature to change the subject line in Gmail is not very well known. People are not quite familiar with the idea and end up starting a whole new conversation thread. But why bother starting a new thread when you are sending the mail to the same person? We hope this article was helpful and showed you the trick to stay in the same conversation and change the subject to something more relevant to your present need.

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