How to Change Region on Tiktok?

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How to Change Region on Tiktok

TikTok thrives on a time less than 5 minutes to capture your attention. But have you felt as if you do not see anything new, just the same old things you watch? Did you know that your geographical region also makes a difference in what content is shown on your TikTok account?

So, let us teach you how to change region on Tiktok today. TikTok figures out what is famous in the region you are active in, and shows you the best of what it thinks you’d like. Your likes could be different, but it is only following an algorithm to meet your favour.

Unfortunately, there is no direct way to change region on Tiktok. But there are a few tricks that could give you the result of a changed region. This could open up a new world of TikTok videos. If you are interested, keep on reading.

How to Change Region on Tiktok?

As we mentioned earlier, there is no straightforward way to change the region on TikTok, since TikTok doesn’t have such options on settings. But the purpose of changing your location is to see different videos than you already do and see the trendy ones of your picked location. To do that, you can try out the following techniques.

  • Add a TikTok Language
  • Watch many TikTok videos outside your region
  • Follow International TikTok accounts
  • Use an international sim card

1. Add a TikTok Language

What adding a new TikTok language does is that it lets TikTok know the most directly which region of content you’d like to see. You might have an idea or have an interest in a region only. That is why, by changing your region on TikTok, you are giving TikTok direct information on your likes.

TikTok will gladly take it for your best user experience. So, follow these steps to add a TikTok language on the TikTok app.

i) Open TikTok and head to your profile.

How to Change Region on Tiktok

ii) Tap on the menu bar and go to ‘Settings and privacy’.

How to Change Region on Tiktok

iii) Under ‘CONTENT & ACTIVITY’ press ‘Content preferences’.

How to Change Region on Tiktok

iv) Open ‘Video languages’, go to ‘Add language’ and press ‘Done’.

How to Change Region on Tiktok

You don’t have to worry if you do not see content from the region. It usually takes a few hours for the content to load after this setting.

2. Watch many TikTok videos outside your region

If adding a TikTok language is a direct way to see you’d like to see content from the region, watching TikTok videos outside the region is an engaging way to do that. TikTok figures out your interests based on interaction, sharing, and searching for videos. Based on your interaction or search, TikTok will show you more videos of that nature.

This is a way to let TikTok know about your interests. You can use hashtags on your search bar as well. Just go to ‘Discover’ and TikTok will show you options you might be interested in. This can change because of what you’ve been watching recently.

How to Change Region on Tiktok

Or you could go to Search, begin with a hashtag and start typing a few letters to start exploring.

What you see when you type on TikTok's Search Bar

3.    Follow International TikTok accounts

Now, this approach is also based on interaction and communication. You can follow International TikTok accounts and leave comments on their videos (please be respectful). This is an extended form of searching for videos.

What this also does is that it lets TikTok know that these are the types of TikTok influencers you like. So, by following the TikTok creators you enjoy watching, TikTok gathers your likes and interests too. This is not exactly changing the region, but it is more like telling TikTok about your likes of a region.

4.    Use an international sim card

TikTok verifies your location from your SIM Card, Google Play Store, and Apple App Store. So, disabling access to your location on TikTok wouldn’t help you. You’d have to buy an international sim card that works on your phone. If it doesn’t work on your regular phone, then you’d have to get an unlocked phone to use this international sim too.

As soon as your sim card changes, the region change on TikTok happens automatically. Since TikTok recognizes the location of your account through the sim you are using, an international sim card means a new region is achieved on your account.

Two Other Ways that gained mixed reaction

These two options have worked for some and not for others. But for those that did, they say it worked just fine. In our part, it didn’t work, but we thought it is worth a mention if it has worked for people, even if they were fewer in comparison.

  • Using a VPN: Changes your location into a different one
  • Using an Emulator: Helps in browsing your phone from your laptop or PC. Pair it with a VPN to change your system IP address.


So, this is how to change region on Tiktok. It adds a fresh new view of the world and also helps us to bring in videos from what peeks our attention. There are more interesting things that can be done on TikTok.

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We hope you found our article helpful.

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