How to Change Profile Picture on Messenger?

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How to Change Profile Picture on Messenger

Messenger is a communication app that keeps you in touch with your friends and family(if you’ve added them as your friends) via text messages, voice and video calls. And how do others find out if it is you and not someone else with the same name? Through your profile picture.

Keep on reading to find out how to change profile picture on Messenger if you want people to recognize you. You should have your own picture on your profile picture. If you aren’t there yet, it is a good option to change it.

Can you change your profile picture on Messenger without Facebook?

In 2021, to change your profile picture on Messenger, you have to link your Messenger app with your Facebook account. It was before 2020 that you could directly change your Messenger’s profile picture, but the versions after 2020 have disabled the feature.

How to Change Profile Picture on Messenger ?

You’d have to change your profile picture on Facebook, and the picture would change on Messenger by default. You could do this using your mobile, Facebook app or using a web browser.

Using Facebook’s app

1. Login with your Facebook account, then go to the menu bar, and then head to “See your profile”

How to Change Profile Picture on Messenger

2. Press the camera icon and then press “Select profile picture”

3. Select the picture of your choice, either by uploading one from your phone gallery or by taking a picture with the camera feature and finally press save.

Using a web browser in a mobile phone

A tiny tip to go to your profile when you are on your browser from a phone, just in case you don’t have the app downloaded.

You could directly click your profile picture just above the Stories or go to your profile from the menu bar on the right-hand side.

Then the process is just the same as it is for the Facebook app.

Just the final step is to select the “Use This Photo” on your mobile phone web browser.

Using a web browser on a PC

It could be any web browser, be it Google, Mozilla Firefox, Opera Mini, Internet Explorer, or any other web browser of your choice. What you have to do is,

1. Type in the web browser’s URL, login with your Facebook account and click on your profile name at the top right-hand side of the page.

2. Click on the camera icon next to your current profile picture on the left-hand side of the page and click “Upload Photo”.

3. After deciding to crop, reposition and/or choose to make this picture temporary, adding description if you want, you finally click save to finish.

Can you have different profile pictures on Facebook and Messenger?

Again, no you can’t. At least not with the same account.

One Facebook account means the same connected Messenger account as well since both these accounts are synced when used and as Messenger is the default messaging tool for Facebook.

It is possible to use Messenger even with your Facebook account deactivated but to change your profile picture, you’d have to reactivate your Facebook account and go by the process mentioned above to change your profile picture.

Or, you could create two separate accounts with different login credentials that do not match each other. However, you wouldn’t be able to change your profile picture on Messenger since that feature has been disabled already.

You will need Messenger’s versions before 2020 to support changing your profile picture on your phone. It wouldn’t be possible on your web browser on PC since Messenger can be used on its web browser through this link, without opening Facebook.

Bottom line: One account is synced in both the apps, so the same profile picture for both the apps. Two apps, one picture.


We hope you learned how to change your profile picture on Messenger in 2023 since Facebook keeps on updating its features and disabling what might not have been efficient.

The older versions before 2020 allowed changing your profile picture on Messenger itself, but not today. Today, we need to log in through the Facebook app or use it on a web browser.

Are you using the new version on Messenger too? Let us know in the comments.

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