How to Change Language on WhatsApp in 2023?

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How to Change Language on WhatsApp

WhatsApp has become the new trending app for chats and calls worldwide. The Indian app that has now joined hands with Meta provides the best features when it comes to effective calls and communication. In addition to this, it provides the users with an option of more than 40 languages to use the app effectively.

There might have been days when you got sick of an app because of the language barrier and faced difficulties while having a conversation in a specific language. This is the problem that WhatsApp solves with its diversity of language options. Using this app, you can communicate in any language of your preference without having to face such issues.

Does WhatsApp allow us to change Language?

Yes, it does. WhatsApp supports the use of 40+ languages on its platform including 11 languages that are spoken in India alone. It allows you to change the language setting of your application anytime you want and to whatever you want. WhatsApp has been growing as an international platform day by day and with this, it is also increasing its services. The process to change language on WhatsApp is a simple task and the steps are mentioned below.

How to Change Language on WhatsApp?

There are two ways for you to change language on WhatsApp. Either you can change just the language settings WhatsApp or the language settings of your entire phone. However, the application may not provide the language you are searching for within your country’s territory. Then, you have to change your phone’s language settings in order to change that of WhatsApp as well.

You can change language on WhatsApp through the following steps:

1. Open WhatsApp on your device.

2. Tap on ‘More options’ (the three dots).

How to change language on WhatsApp?

3. Navigate to the ‘settings’ option.

How to change language on WhatsApp?

4. Tap on ‘Chats’ and select ‘App language’.

How to change language on WhatsApp?
Change language on WhatsApp

5. Select the language of your choice.

How to change language on WhatsApp?

Using these steps, you can easily change language on WhatsApp to that of your preference. This will allow you to view all the contents of the application in the language of your choice.

However, it will not bring any changes to your keyboard functions. You will still have the keyboard option of what is the default language on your phone. Thus, to be able to type in a different language, you will also have to alter the language settings on your keyboards/ phones.

How to Change your Phone’s Language?

Changing your phone’s language is a necessity if you want to type in other languages rather than the default one. If your phone supports multiple keyboard options, you can use that and change the typing keyboard when required. If not, you can change the language settings on your phones for either android or iPhone by using the following steps:

1. For Android

To change language on WhatsApp using Android:

1. Go to ‘Settings.’

2. Search for ‘Language’ option and select it.

Change language in Android

3. Choose the language of your preference and click on ‘Done‘.

Change language on Phone

When you do this, you will now also be allowed to chat and send messages in the language you want.

2. For iPhones

To change the language on WhatsApp using your iPhone:

1. Go to the ‘settings’ option on your iPhone.

2. Tap on ‘General’.

3. Go to ‘Language & Region’ and then tap on ‘iPhone Language’.

4. Select the language of your choice.

5. Tap on ‘Done’.

Thus, in this way you can change the language on your iPhone.


Thus, using the steps mentioned above, you can easily change the language on WhatsApp and also on your phones. Once you change the language, you can easily understand everything about the app and have more effective as well as fluent conversations with your friends and family. You can also change the chat colours and the thickness of your fonts as per your requirement.

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