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How to Change Font in Facebook?

Facebook, which has now become Meta is one of the world’s most used social media platforms. Connecting with friends, family, and other people you may know has expanded on a global scale.

Since so many of us use it, we have gotten used to the look of Facebook. So, to spice up our experience on Facebook, many of us are interested to know if we can change the way Facebook looks.

One of the easiest ways would be to change font in Facebook. Keep on reading to find out how to change font in Facebook, so we can enhance our Facebook experience.

Will my customized font appear the same in others’ devices too?

No, it wouldn’t. Changing the font in any of your devices-phone, PC, a tablet is customized for that particular device. Others’ devices tend to show their default font setting unless the user customizes according to their liking as well.

How to Change Font in Facebook?

Changed fonts give your regular Facebook outlook a fresh appeal. This technique can also be used to grasp attention to your posts that might need more of it too.

There are two ways to change font on Facebook. They are:

  1. Use a third-party website
  2. Check your device’s in-built settings

A) Use a third-party website

This is one of the most common ways to change fonts on Facebook. You can use these websites on your phone as well. Follow these steps using some of the following third-party apps on your phone or PC web browser to generate copyable text for Facebook.

1) Open the third-party app of your choice.

2) Find the space where you type in or copy the text you want to post on Facebook.

3) Copy from the available font styles that you can find either on the right side of your written text or down below.


How to Change Font in Facebook using LingoJam


How to Change Font in Facebook using FSymbols
How to Change Font in Facebook using FSymbols

Why people go for these apps rather than an in-build phone feature is because this is quicker and has more options to choose from. And, not every phone will have an in-built font changing feature too.


How to Change Font in Facebook using Fancy Fonts

B) Using your device’s in-built settings

It is worth a shot to check if you can change fonts from your PC’s web browser settings or phone settings.

On Desktop:

1) Click the three vertical dots on your Chrome browser and open Settings.
How to Change Font in Facebook

2) Click on Appearance and go to Customize fonts.
How to Change Font in Facebook
3) Set the fonts of your choice
How to Change Font in Facebook

While you have options on your web browser, it might not be the case for your phone. So, if you do not have a Font Style option on your phone, you’d have to use apps for fonts.

On Phone:

You have to go to Settings and click Display. Find Font Size and Style and pick out which font you’d like and in which size.

The Display menu and the Font Size and Style menu can vary according to your device, but essentially you are going to find the menu to change it if the device has the feature. If you can’t find it, then it means you cannot make these changes with your phone.

How do you change the font size and color in a Facebook post?

We talked about the font style, now we will talk about font size and color in a Facebook post. If the style gives the post an edge, well so does its size and color.

To change the color on your web browser and mobile app, Facebook gives you color and gradient options. You can type your text on the “What’s on your mind?” area and choose a color or gradient as per your liking.

On Chrome:

How do you change the font color in a Facebook post on desktop

On Mobile App:

How do you change the font color in a Facebook post

And to change the font size in a Facebook post, you’d have to altogether change the font size in your device.

In Google Chrome or Safari, you can click ‘Ctrl’ and ‘+’ and you will see the size increasing dialogue box like this. You can increase or decrease the size as per your requirement.

How do you change the font size in a Facebook post
What you see after you click ‘Ctrl’ and ‘+’

In Mac, you can click ‘+’ and ‘Command’ and then press the Command or Control key and ‘+’ key to increase and ‘-’ to decrease the size as per your wish.

On Android, go to Settings and to “Display & Brightness”. Again, the Display menu will be different according to the device. Then go to “Font Size” and adjust the size with the slider.

You do the same on an iPhone as well, but the option is Accessibility and then you head to Display & Text Size. Then you use a slider here too.

Final Remarks

Changing font on Facebook is not only attractive for the eyes, but also helps in grabbing positive attention. To all of those who wish for that change, we hope you learned how to change font on Facebook now.

Let us know in the comments which font is your favorite.

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