How to Apply IPO/Shares Online through Mero Share?

Probably, you are looking for a guide to know how to apply IPOs/Shares in Nepal. Go through this article and you may find that it serves your need.

What is IPO?

IPO (Initial Public Offering) is the process through which a private company issues its shares to the public so that the public can invest to raise the capital.

Many are trying to start in Stock Market. It might sound a tiring job. However, this has now become easy and simple in Nepal through Mero Share. Here is a complete guide that tells you how to apply for IPOs online.

What is Mero Share?

Mero Share is a platform that allows you to apply for the IPOs you want to. It is an online portal of CDSC that provides the details about the share transactions. You can have the access to mero share through website or through the mobile app. Therefore, the requirements to apply for IPOs are also mentioned below for your convenience.


  • A bank account.
  • A DEMAT account. Check out our article on How to make DEMAT Account.
  • Mero Share account for online trading.
  • CRN Number. To get CRN number, you need to fulfill C-ASBA form which is only possible if you have DEMAT account. Mowreover, for complete guide to get CRN number, check out How to Get Lost CRN Number.

How to apply for IPOs?

Let’s move on to know how to apply for IPOs.

1. Type ‘’ on your browser.

How to buy IPO/share online in Nepal

2. Enter your username and password to login.

How to buy IPO/share online in Nepal through mero share

3. Click on ‘My ASBA’ on the Left Sidebar.

How to buy IPO/share online in Nepal

4. Then, tap on ‘Apply for Issue’. There you will find the list of IPOs. Click on the IPO’s name you want to know the details about.

How to buy IPO/share online in Nepal
How to buy IPO/share online in Nepal

5. Click on ‘Apply’.

How to buy IPO/share online in Nepal

6. Get back, scroll down and fill the Bank Name, Units you want to apply for and the CRN number. After that, mark a tick at the bottom left and click on ‘Proceed’.

How to buy IPO/share online in Nepal

7. Enter the 4-digit transaction number and tap on ‘Apply’. Consequently, our issue will be applied successfully and your amount will get blocked until your stocks are alloted.

How to buy IPO/share online in Nepal

8. Click on ‘Application details’ to view the details about your application. The status of your application is shown as ‘Unverified’ which changes into ‘Verified’ after allotment. Moreover, you still have the option of Edit for your application at the bottom.

How to buy IPO/share online in Nepal
How to buy IPO/share online in Nepal
How to buy IPO/share online in Nepal

In conclusion, Mero Share provides you the facility to apply for IPOs in Nepal. Beside this, it also facilitates you by letting you analyse about the IPOs. Hope this was helpful to you. If you have anything to say about this article or want to know something more, please leave a comment below.

All the best for your Investment!

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