How To Appear Offline On Discord?

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How to Appear Offline on Discord

Look no further if you’ve ever wondered how to appear offline on Discord. In this article, we will teach you how to appear offline on Discord by altering your status.

Discord allows for a great deal of customization, including built-in visual themes, markup-based text formatting, and more. Discord’s open API also allows developers to customize the app’s design and functionality to create their own versions.

However, one standout feature of Discord is the ability to establish a variety of statuses. Online, Idle, Do Not Disturb, and Invisible are the four main status kinds available on Discord. Do not Disturb and Invisible are user-activated states, whereas Online and Idle are server-controlled. You may, however, manually configure Idle.

Other chat programs, such as WhatsApp and Skype, allow users to seem offline or online, but Discord provides a variety of status settings.

Discord’s ‘Invisible’ state is excellent for times when users want a little peace but still want to keep up to speed with any messages made on their servers – they may appear offline to others while still having full access to the program.

How To Appear Offline On Discord?

When Discord is open, the online status is usually precisely what you want. However, there are moments when you need some peace and quiet while still keeping up with what’s going on on the server. That’s where the invisible status comes in, allowing you to appear offline while still being able to use Discord.

Follow the steps below to appear offline on Discord:

Appear Offline On Discord On A Desktop:

Follow the steps below to appear offline on Discord on your mobile phone:

1. Open Discord.

2. Tap on your Profile Photo at the bottom-left.

3. Select the ‘Invisible’ option.

How To Appear Offline On Discord?

Appear Offline On Discord On A Mobile Phone:

Follow the steps below to appear offline on Discord on a desktop:

1. Go to your profile by clicking on your profile picture at the bottom left.

How To Appear Offline On Discord?

2. Click on set status.

How To Appear Offline On Discord?

3. Select Invisible.

How To Appear Offline On Discord?

That’s all; you’ll now seem offline on Discord to all other users, despite the fact that you’ve kept the app open. When you’re through with your tasks, remember to change your status from ‘Invisible’ to ‘Online.’ If you wish to do so, repeat the procedure outlined above.

The modifications you make on Discord are reflected on all of your other devices when you use your account.

What will I miss out on if I set the Invisible status?

If you alter your Discord status to Invisible to seem offline, you will not be restricted in any way. As though you were in Online mode, you’ll have access to all of Discord’s features. Except for the fact that you’ll be unavailable on Discord, nothing else changes.

Can you tell if someone is online but Invisible in Discord?

Can you detect whether you have invisible users or if a certain user is invisible if you’re a server admin or even a regular user? Both queries have the same answer: no. For everyone, an invisible user is precisely that. Even the server administrator has no way of knowing whether or not there are any hidden users on the server at any one moment.

How can I remove people that aren’t online from my Discord friends list?

On Discord, there is currently no method to conceal offline people from your friends list. If you have more than 100 friends, however, Discord will not display the offline members by default.


You may change your status to Invisible if you don’t want your friends and other server members to know you’re online on Discord. While seeming offline, you may still utilize the app’s functions like chatting and channel surfing.

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