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How do I Recover My Messenger Account?

Have you lost your messenger account and can not get access to it anymore? Well, you have nothing to worry about because we are here to show you how to recover my messenger account once you are no longer able to access it.

Can You Recover Messenger Account without Facebook?

The answer is YES. You can retrieve your messenger account without Facebook. There is an easy way to recover your account under any circumstances. We will guide you through each to ease your concern.

How do I Recover My Messenger Account?

You may have lost your messenger account due to various reasons. Facebook has been strict with the security policies and will immediately block you out of your own account. If Facebook has notified you that you will not be able to log into your messenger or Facebook account for a certain period of time then rest assured you will have your account back after the time period ends.

You have nothing to worry about. But in any other scenario, here is how I can recover my messenger account.

1. Open Messenger.

2. Click on “Forgotten Password“.

Recover My Messenger Accoubt

3. Enter your “email or phone number” used to set up your Facebook account.

Enter email or password

You will be sent a code to either the email address or phone number to confirm your identity.

Code sent vis phone number

4. Enter the code.

Recovery code

5. Select either “Keep me logged in” or “Log me out of other devices“.

Lo me out of other deices

Since I am trying to recover my messenger account, it would be best to choose “Log me out of other devices” just to be sure no one else is using the account.

6. Update new password.

Update My Password

You can enter a new password for the messenger and log in using the updated password.

What are the Steps to Update Password Using Messenger?

After I recover my messenger account, to be extra sure and make the account safe, we can change the password using the messenger account after log in.’

1. Open Messenger.

2. Click on your profile.

Open Messenger

3. Go to “Account Settings“.

Account Settings

4. Select “Security and Login“.

Security and Login Setting

5. Click on “Change Password“.

Change password setting

6. Add “Current Password“, “New Password” and “Re-type New Password“.

Change password to a new one

Save Changes” to update your password.

How to Set Up Two-Way Verification in Messenger?

Two-Way Verification is another way to add to your safety guarantee. Messenger will send you a unique code the way you have set up every time you log in. This will be an assurance that you are an authentic user.

1. Open Messenger.

2. Click on your profile.

Open Messenger

3. Go to “Account Settings“.

Account Settings

4. Select “Security and Login“.

Security and Login Setting

5. Click on “Use two-factor authentication“.

Set up two-way authentication

Select one of the options. Use “Text message (SMS)” if you have added a phone number instead of email.

Can you Use Messenger without Facebook?

Yes, we can very much use your messenger account without Facebook. Facebook has lost its importance in terms of usage due to consistent issues in fake news circulation and hyper use of different other social media sites. However, Messenger is still a platform with lots of potentials.

You can text, share pictures, videos, and files with your desired person. Due to its user-friendly environment, many people of different age groups find themselves gravitating towards the use of messenger. Previously, You could simply sign up for Messenger using your phone number. But as of 2019, this feature was removed due to security concerns.

However, you still do not require to have an actively running Facebook account to keep messenger. You can deactivate your Facebook account after creating a messenger account and be able to use messenger smoothly with no issue.


No matter the reason for the account being lost one can easily recover my messenger account using simple methods. We hope this article was helpful to guide you and make the process of retrieving your account easier.

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