Google AdSense PIN Not Received – What To Do?

Google AdSense pin is the code that Google sends to verify your billing address. Many people complain that they have not received Google AdSense PIN which may be due to countries location or posts offices services. If you have the same problem, then here is a complete solution for you.

Google AdSense PIN Not Received- Request a Replacement PIN

If you haven’t received your PIN, or it’s been lost, you can request a replacement PIN. You will need to wait 3 weeks after your last PIN was mailed before asking for a replacement.

Make sure your account information including your payment address is correct. If needed, you can change your payment address. Besides, we recommend you follow these tips:

  • Keep the same address across all of your payment address fields.
  • Verify if your address is recognized by your local post office.
  • Check with your mail service provider or post office that your mail is not being forwarded to another address.

How to Request a replacement PIN?

1: Log in to your AdSense to go to Dashboard.

2: Click on ‘Payments’, tap on ‘Manage Settings’, and then click on ‘Edit Symbol’.

3: Add Mobile Number in the Address field and use the same address across for both address fields and ‘Save’.

4: After this go to Home tap on ‘Verify’ and then ‘Resend Pin’.

5: Click on ‘RESEND PIN’ and finally ‘Done’. AdSense PIN mailer will be sent to you through ordinary post. It takes around 2-4 weeks to arrive at your postal address.

You are eligible to request a new replacement AdSense PIN up to 3 times, but before you are requesting a new pin, it is advised to changing your postal address.

What to do if AdSense PIN does not come in all three attempts?

Well, if you have not received the payment PIN to your address, it doesn’t mean your account will be banned.

There is an alternative way you still can verify your billing address without receiving that pin letter, you have to visit Google Adsense Personal Identification Number.

Here is a Complete Guide that will help you in verifying your Personal Identification Number👇

How To Verify AdSense Account Without Pin?| No AdSense Pin Received Problem Solved – TechnoKD

Follow the above-given procedure and you will surely verify your AdSense PIN.

If you have any difficulties, Click Here to Watch the Video Tutorial

 If Still You have any doubt or any problem let us know in Comment Section 

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