Pubg Mobile Flare Gun Location | How to Get Flare Gun Pubg Mobile

Pubg Flare Gun Location Hi guys today we will take a look at this guide  How to Get Flare Gun Pubg Mobile, we all know that  recently pubg Mobile has been added flare gun in PUBG MOBILE in last September Update and The Flare Gun is a rare item which summons a super airdrop if used within the Playzone, or a Bulletproof UAZ if used outside the Playzone so come and let’s See how you can get this Flare Gun In PUBG Mobile and which Pubg Mobile Flare Gun Location is best for finding Flare Gun In PUBG Mobile.

Flare Gun On Map Erangel

I Think Georgopol is one of the best Location forFlare Gun because I have seen So many Comments, reviews about Pubg Mobile Flare Gun Location and in every Comment and reviews people were saying that They got Pubg Mobile Flare Gun in Georgopol

Pubg Mobile Flare Gun Location


Mylta Power has been in the Record for the Most Beloved Place for the Players in Pubg Mobile, as we know the specialty of this place is the Navy Blue Building where we can find amazing Weapons and Pieces of equipment.



don’t Get Confude Here, Because of “Militia Power” and just “Militia” are Two Different Places in Pubg Mobile. These Two Locations can be found Near to Each other, as you can see on the Map they are Near to Each other.

So what actually happened in my experiments is, I landed in “Militia Power” and I got the Flare gun, after getting it I started moving to the nearest place Mylita, and here Unfortunately I Got another Flare gun.

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Sosnuvka Military Base is the Favorite one for most of the pubg players, as this place name stands for a military base which means a military area which is related to weapons.

Pubg Mobile Flare Gun Location

But here make sure you get off this Location after getting the flare gun, because there are too many players out there who love to land at the Military Base. If you are not a perfect or pro player then you must get out this location by waiting for a chance and go far away so that no one can come to you by watching the flare you are going to shot in the sky.



At georgopol make sure you look inside of the blue crates… also they regularly spawn in 1 of the 3 warehouses…the next best place is the shooting range, military base & Mylta. While in mylta they almost always spawn in the single-story concrete buildings next to the power plant, or on top of the main building. I’ve also found multiple flare guns in novo.

GEORGOPOL flare gun location

If you ever play Sanhok I always find them at the docks, paradise resort & the ruins. At paradise, they spawn in the surrounding shacks & single level buildings. In Miramar, flare guns spawn in the wooden shacks alongside the road a lot & I come across them frequently in the small rooms surrounding the power grid.


At last, we are talking about a location which is not that much good for an amazing collection of weapons. Everyone knows that Yasnaya Polyana is the location where the weapons like SCAR-L, M416 are so general, but the other weapons are so rare in this place.

Flare Gun On Miramar Map

First things first, Miramar is a tough map. Even many pro players find it difficult to survive here. The map is bigger than Erangel and does not have many hiding places. You need to look for the best guns in PUBG mobile and start knocking out others. Look for a flare gun and call for the best supplies.

The best place to find a flare gun in PUBG

Flare Gun On Sanhok Map

The tiniest PUBG map, Sanhok is beautiful and challenging at the same time. The map is deadliest in many ways, so you need to have the best weapons with you to knock others down in just one shot. Look for a flare gun and call for the most amazing weapons for you.

Flare Gun On Sanhok Map

Flare Gun On Map Vikendi

Launched a few months ago, Vikendi is a gorgeous yet challenging map even for pro players. It requires skills and strategy to beat the enemy and get the famous Chicken Dinner. Your journey to be on the top becomes a little easier when you have the right supplies. Get a flare run on Vikendi Map and call for striking supplies in AirDrop.

Flare Gun On Vikendi Map

Pubg Mobile Flare Gun Location | How to Get Flare Gun Pubg Mobile | Okay, if you know more locations or something about flare gun, the comment box below is for free, just comment your words so Pubg players around the world can read it!

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