Best Nepali To English Translation App

Many people have a language problem and they can’t do a conversation with many people because they don’t know their language. This becomes a barrier in communication with friends speaking any other language. But, In the era of modern technology, this problem has been solved. You can talk in any language you want by using google translate. This is the Best Nepali To English Translation App that allows you to convert the voice of a particular language to the desired language in both voice and text form.

You can easily translate both sides of a spoken conversation between two languages with the Google Translate app.

This feature is unique as it uses voice for translation. Chances are that you can speak faster than you can type. However, most people only input text on their phones using their thumbs. Since speaking lets you input the same information more quickly, you should take advantage of your Android device’s voice to text features.

To use this feature, follow these steps:

1. Open the Play Store and search Google translate and install it.

2. Open the app and tap the ‘Conversation’ icon.

3. Change the language you want to translate to and translate from by tapping the language option.

4. Tap on the ‘speak icon’ of the language you know and say something you want to translate.

5. It will get automatically translated in both voice and text form which you can copy for further use.

A Conversation showing translation from Nepali to English.

A Conversation showing translation from Nepali to Arabic.

Just follow the above simple steps and you can communicate in any language you want very easily though you don’t know the language properly. Enjoy this feature and write a message in any language you want.

I hope this article was helpful to you. If you have any queries regarding this, do comment on us.

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