Best Flare Gun Locations In PUBG Mobile

The Flare gun is an extremely rare weapon that when fired, calls in a custom airdrop that drops a larger amount of highly valuable equipment compared to the ordinary airdrop.

Best Flare Gun Locations In PUBG Mobile

Best Locations to Find Flare Gun

 Erangel : 

Best Flare Gun Locations In PUBG Mobile

You can see the Above Blue Dots are the Most places which are Reported by several players that they have Found Flare Gun, so searching the Above Places May have a chance to get the Flare Gun,we cannot Assure that you can Find the Flare Gun at this Place only, But As our Team brings you the Best News we have got and kick in you may expect chance to Find your Flare gun in this Areas So, Don’t leave them without Exploring.

 Sanhok :

Best Flare Gun Locations In PUBG Mobile

The new Map that every Gamer of PUBG wants to try is Sanhok which has many tress and new Lands Several Bushes which gives A Sniper the Best Shot to Shoot and Claim the Chicken Dinner this Map has a Ton of resources That every Player wants to get Several places to loot Though its look Small than other Maps the Whole Forest  and the Ongoing Different houses and mansions makes it more Tricky and Confusing.

There are Several Places to find Flare Guns in Sanhok as there are heavy Bushes that Confuses The players PUBG Cleverly had Selected Spots to Loot the Flares As you can see the Above Image there are many Yellow Dots which indicates Hefty Loot of Everything That you can Find in PUBG. The Red Round Circles Concentrates More Loot So have a look To Explore these Places if you didn’t Die Early.

Miramar :

Best Flare Gun Locations In PUBG Mobile

The Above Miramar Map has two different Color Locations that we have used The Red Spots Shows the highest concentration of Flare guns that an Average player Can get and the yellow Spots indicates the Less Chance of getting Flare Gun as Said by our Team of Experts here you can find the Most Flare Guns than any other Map so if you Are opting Miramar as The Map don’t Forget to Scramble this Lands which you may have a Chance of Getting the Flare Gun.

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